Mens Results


17th September 2023

Club Competition

Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Padden  40pts
Sean McAndrew  39pts
Sean O'Coisdealbha 38pts (B.9)

31 Played

10th September 2023

Club Competition

Hackett Course

1st: Sean O'Coisdealbha  42pts (B.9)
Mixie McGuire  42pts
John Lennon  39pts

29 Played

3rd September 2023

Cuffes Centra

18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Liam Murphy  44pts
Sean Doherty  40pts
Noel McLoughlin  39pts (L.6)
Cat (0 - 18):
Martin Cosgrove  38pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
David S Gaughan  39pts (B.9)
Kevin Conroy  23pts
Richard Stich  21pts (L.3)
59 Played

27th August 2023

Swanwick Family PRactice

18H Strokeplay

WAD Course

1st: Vivian Healy  71
Kevin Fallon  73 (B.9)
Kevin Carey  73 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Cormac O'Muirithe  73
Cat (19 - 54):
Alan Butler 75
John Lennon  33.5
Sean Doherty 34.5
53 Played

20th August 2023

TEach John Joe

18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Gerry Lavelle  38pts (B.9)
Kevin Padden  38pts
Sean McAndrew  37pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Ciaran Rabbett  37pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Donal Shine  33pts (B.9)
Fergal Ruane  22pts
Noel McLoughlin  19pts
49 Played

13th August 2023

Marty Gaughan Memorial

18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: David S Gaughan  71
Noel McLoughlin  72 (B.9)
John Ginnelly  72
Cat (0 - 18):
John Hanley  73
Cat (19 - 54):
Brendan Healy  74
Donal Shine  34.0
Sean Doherty  33.0
Longest Drive: Kevin Fallon
Nearest the Pin: Michael Gaughan
65 Played

6th August 2023


Hackett Course

1st: Jason Padden  64.5pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove  64pts (T.9)
Gross: Eddie McAndrew  40pts
3rd: Andrew Murphy  64pts
4th: Padraig McGinty  63.5pts
Cat (0-12): Vincent Keane  53pts
Cat (13-28): Rory Shine  61.5pts
Cat (29-54): Kevin Carey  55pts
Best Qualifier: Ivan Barrett  43pts
Past Captain: Coilín Fahrty  60.5pts
Best Senior: Noel Reilly  56pts
Front Nine: Ronnie McDonnell  23pts (L.6)
Back Nine: Ciaran Rabbett  22pts (L.6)
Third Nine: Cathal Doherty  20pts
Nearest the Pin: Tom Gillespie
Longest Drive: Jason Padden

3rd August 2023

Pat Gorham

Hackett Back Nine

1st: Liam Murphy  23pts
Ryan O'Donoghue  20pts
Noel McLoughlin  19pts

40 Played

30th July 2023

Frank McGuire memorial

18H StrokePlay

Hackett Course

1st: Ronan Gaughan  67 (B.9)
Sean McAndrew  67
John D Hanley  69
Cat (0 - 18):
John Wilson  70
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon  70
Andrew Murphy  34.0
Kevin Fallon  33
52 Played

27th July 2023

Total Health Pharmacy (Kenny Concannon)

9H Scramble

Hackett Back Nine

1st: John Hanley, Donal Shine, Damien Murphy, Cillian McAndrew  24.55
2nd: Pat Reidy. Ivan Barrett, Peadar Mulry, Caroline Dixon  27.95
3rd: Damian Lavelle, Keith Kissane, Kenny Concannon, Liann Concannon  28.40
52 Played

23rd July 2023

Kevin Rabbett Memorial

18H 4bbb

Hackett Course

1st: Tom McAndrew & John Higgins  43pts
2nd: Tommy Talbot & Andrew Murphy  40pts (B.9)
3rd: Peter Mulry & Donal Shine  40pts (B.9)
4th: John Ginnelly & Mixie McGuire  40pts (B.9)
44 Played

20th July 2023

Michael Shevlin

Hackett Back Nine

1st: Ciaran Rabbett  24pts
Hughie Carey  22pts
John Hanley  21pts (L.6)

44 Played

16th July 2023

Lady Captains Prize

18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Jason Padden 42pts
 Andrew Murphy  41pts
Declan Brady  40pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Ciaran Rabbett  37pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
Donal Shine  39pts (B.9)
John Hanley  20pts (L.3)
Sean Meenaghan  22pts
Longest Drive: Sean Meenagahn
71 Played

Frank Brogan Erris Cup (Matchplay)

Winner: Donal Shine
Runner Up: Kevin Fallon
Beaten Semi Finalists: Jim Brown & Cormac Ó Muirithe

13th July 2023

Artec construction

Hackett Front Nine

1st: Kevin Caffrey  22pts (L.6)
James Lavelle  22pts
Vincent Keane  21pts

38 Played

9th July 2023

Billy mcandrew memorial

18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Padden  42pts
Mark Irwin  41pts (B.9)
Gerry Maguire  41pts 
Cat (0 - 18):
Dave Daly  39pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Cathal Doherty  39pts
Jim Brown  22pts
Declan Healy  21pts
67 Played

2nd July 2023

Connacht CCTV

18H Strokeplay

WAD Course

1st: Dave Daly  66
John Hanley  68
Gary Oliver  70 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Ronan Gaughan  70
Cat (19 - 54):
Tom Gillespie  76
Peter Mulry  35.0
Ronnie McDonnell  35.5
42 Played

29th June 2023

Udaras Na Gaeltachta
18H 4BBB

Hackett Course

1st: James Lavelle & Peadar Mulry  44pts
Kevin Donnelly & Pat McIntyre  42pts

20 Played

25th June 2023

THE Presidents Prize (Geraldine Gallagher)


Hackett Course

1st: Eamon Mangan  40pts (B.9)
2nd: Sean Meenaghan  40pts

Gross: Cormac O'Muirithe  38pts
3rd: John Ginnelly  39pts
Cat (0 - 18): Jason Padden  38pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Noel Reilly  38pts
F.9: Peter Mulry  23pts
B.9: Kevin Padden  20pts (L.6)

Longest Drive: Martin Cosgrove
Nearest the Pin: Hughie Carey

64 Played

22nd June 2023

lindas corner house

WAD Course

1st: James Lavelle  43pts
Brendan Healy  42pts
Damien Murphy  41pts

42 Played

18th June 2023


18H stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Vincent Keane 40pts
David S Gaughan  40pts
John Gaughan  38pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Jim Brown  38pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Kevin Carey 37pts
Dave Daly  22pts
Gerry Lavelle 20pts
66 Played

15th June 2023


Hackett Course

1st: Eamonn Murphy  41pts
Cormac O'Muirithe  40pts (B.9)
James Mangan  40pts (B.9)

30 Played

8th June 2023

Barretts Quarry
18H 4BBB

WAD Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove & Des O'Connor  44pts
Ronan Murray & David Padden  43pts
Cormac O'Muirithe & Ryan O'Donoghue  41pts

34 Played

5th & 6th June 2023

THE club championship
36H Strokeplay

Hackett Course

1st: Ciaran Rabbett  140
Cathal Church 146 (Best Mon)
Cormac O'Muirithe  146
Michael Gaughan  158
Cat (0 - 18): David Hurst  147 (Best Mon)
Cat (19 - 54):
Kyle Holmes  149
Coilín Faherty  68
John Hanley  72
60 Played

1st June 2023

Bertie flannery
18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Peter Mulry  37pts
Des O'Connor  34pts (B.9)
Andrew Murphy  34pts

38 Played

28th May 2023

Shevlins complete home Finish
18H stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Damien Murphy   40pts (B.9)
Ronnie McDonnell  40pts
Sean Ó Coisdealbha  38pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Martin Cosgrove  38pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Dave Daly  38pts
Edmund McAndrew   23pts
Gerry Lavelle  21pts
67 Played


Winner: Eamonn Murphy
Runner Up: Noel McLoughlin
Beaten Semi Finalists: James Mangan & John D Hanley

21st May 2023

McIntyre Building services
18H stableford

WAD Course

1st: Des O'Connor 43pts
Eugene Galligan 40pts
Jason Padden 39pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Darragh Ó Muirithe 38pts
Cat (19 - 54):
John Higgins 37pts
Frank Healy 24pts
Noel McLoughlin 18pts
49 Played

14th May 2023

Pharmaher Healthcare
18H stableford

Hackett Course

1st: John Doherty  37pts
Peter Mulry  36pts
Michael John Gruddy  36pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Sean Gaughan  35pts (L.6)
Cat (19 - 54):
Eamonn Murphy  35pts
David S Gaughan 20pts (L.6)
Noel McLoughlin  20pts
74 Played

7th May 2023

Paddy Lavelle Memorial
18H stableford

WAD Course

1st: Cormac O'Muirithe  40pts
Kevin Fallon  37pts
Martin Cosgrove  36pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Gerry Lavelle  34pts
Cat (19 - 54): 
John Lennon  36pts
Andrew Murphy  21pts
Ronan Gaughan  19pts
67 Played

1st May 2023

WinTers Plant hire
18H 4BBB

WAD Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove & Noel Mcloughlin  46pts
Coilín Faherty & David Hurst 44pts

30th April 2023

Gerry Lavelle Painting & Decorating
18H stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Jason Padden  64 (B.9)
Kieran O'Connor  64
Brendan Keane  66
Cat (0 - 18):
Sean Gaughan  69 (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
Declan Healy  68
Pat Reidy  35.0
Kevin Conroy  30.0
63 Played

23rd April 2023

Club Competition
18H Stableford

WAD Course

1st: Kevin Carey  43pts
David Hurst  36pts
Ronnie McDonnell  35pts

16th April 2023

Carey's Newsagents 
18H stableford

WAD Course

1st: Andrew Murphy  41pts
Cormac O'Muirithe  38pts
Brendan Keane  37pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Martin Cosgrove  37pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
David S Gaughan  35pts
Eugene Galligan  21pts
Mark Irwin  19pts (L.6)
60 Played

9th April 2023

Talbot hotel
18H stableford

WAD Course

1st: Declan Healy  36pts
Ollie Munnelly Jnr  33pts (B.9)
Mark Irwin  33pts
Cat (0 - 18):
David Whearty  32pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Ollie Munnelly Snr  32pts (B.9)
Brendan Keane  20pts
Ronan Gaughan  18pts
32 Played

2nd April 2023

Michael McDonnell Memorial
18H strokeplay

Hackett Course

1st: Paul Munnelly  67 (L.6)
Damien Murphy  67 (B.9)
Dylan McAndrew  67
Cat (0 - 18): 
Ollie Munnelly Jnr  69
Cat (19 - 54):
Brendan Reilly  69
Sean Gaughan  31.0
John Wilson  32.5
58 Played

26th March 2023

18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Cormac O'Muirithe  41pts (L.6)
John Wilson  41pts
Ollie Munnelly Jnr  40pts (L.6)
Cat (0 - 18):
James McGuire  37pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Brendan Reilly  40pts
Paul Munnelly  22pts
Martin Cosgrove  20pts
64 Played

19th March 2023

O'Raghallaigh's Pub Binghamstown
18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove  38pts
James Mangan  37pts
Vincent Fahy  36pts
Cat (0 - 18):
David Hurst  35pts
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon  35pts
Ronnie McDonnell  18pts
Andrew Murphy  17pts
29 Played

17th March 2023

Patrick Carolan DerryCorrib
18H Stableford

Hackett Course

1st: Vincent Keane  41pts
John Hanley  39pts
Sean Gaughan 38pts (B.9)

12th March 2023

John Lennon Transport
18H Stableford

Kilmore Course

1st: Paul Munnelly  37pts (B.9)
Vincent Fahy  37pts
Ollie Munnelly Snr  33pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Ollie Munnelly Jnr  33pts
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon  33pts
Liam Murphy 18pts
Micheal John Gruddy  18pts
39 Played

5th March 2023

Captains Drive in

18H Mixed Scramble

1st: Martin Cosgrove, Vincent Keane, James Mangan, Sarah Togher  (Nett 55.6)
Ronan Gaughan, Kevin Carey, Kevin Conroy, Jimmy Flannerry  (Nett 56.8)
Cathal Doherty, Jimmy Monaghan, Kieran O'Connor, Sean McAndrew  (Nett 57.7)
Kevin Fallon, Donal Shine, Brendan Healy, Eileen Shevlin  (Nett 57.9)

26th February 2023

Turkey / Syria Fundraiser

Results 2022

31st December 2022

Artec construction (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Aaron Healy  44pts
 Ryan Gaughan  43pts
Michael Gaughan  41pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Hugo Lacey  40pts
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon  40pts (B.9)
Jimmy Monaghan  23pts
 David Hurst  21pts (L.6)
28 Played

27th December 2022

Jackie & Patricia Coyle (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Ronan Gaughan  39pts (B.9)
 Cathal Church  39pts
David Hurst  38pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Sean Gaughan  38pts (L.6)
Cat (19 - 54):
James Mangan  37pts
John Hanley  22pts
 Gerry Lavelle  21pts
28 Played

26th December 2022

Reillys TotalHealth Pharmacy (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: David Hurst  41pts
 James McGuire 39pts 
Sean Gaughan  38pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Noel McLoughlin  38pts
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon 33pts
Ronan Gaughan  21pts (L.6)
 Jimmy J Flannery  20pts
38 Played

18th December 2022

Christmas Hamper (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Conroy  40pts
 Vincent Keane  37pts (B.9)
John Hanley  37pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Thomas Gruddy  35pts
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon  37pts
Declan Healy  21pts (L.6)
 Ronnie McDonnell  20pts
42 Played

4th December 2022

Winter League Week 2 (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Eamon Mangan   45pts
Brendan Keane  42pts

27th November 2022

Winter League Week 1 (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Liam Murphy  46pts
 John Lennon  41pts

20th November 2022

PJ MCHale (18H STableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Ronan Gaughan  39pts
Tony Gaughan  38pts (B.9)
James Cavanagh 38pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Martin Cosgrove 37pts 
Cat (19 - 54):
Eamon Mangan  37pts (B.9)
Kevin Carey  22pts
John Lennon 21pts
44 Played

13th November 2022

Broadhaven Bay Hotel (18H STableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Vincent Keane  45pts
 Ollie Munnelly Snr  38pts
Coilín Faherty  37pts
Cat (0 - 18):
David Hurst  36pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
John Lennon  35pts
Gerry Lavelle  20pts
 Martin Cosgrove  19pts (L.6)
30 Played

6th November 2022

Eddie Tracey (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: John Doherty 66
 David Hurst  70
Jimmy Monaghan  73
Cat (0 - 18):
Noel McLoughlin  74
Cat (19 - 54):
Kevin Conroy  79
John Geraghty  34.0
 John Hanley  32.5
24 Played

30th October 2022

Tommy McHugh Accountants (18H STABLEFORD)

Hackett Course

1st: Dave Daly  36pts
 Des O'Connor  33pts (L.6)
Martin Cosgrove  33pts
Cat (0 - 18):
John Hanley  32pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
Ronnie McDonnell  28pts
Padraig McGinty  18pts
 John D Hanley 17pts
36 Played

23rd October 2022

Kevin kennedy Motors (18H STABLEFORD)

Hackett Course

1st: Pat Deane  42pts
 Cillian Ó Mongain  38pts (B.9)
Paul Munnelly  38pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Brendan Keane  37pts
Cat (19 - 54):
Ray Whelan  36pts
Vincent Fahy  22pts
 Edmund McAndrew 19pts (L.6)
50 Played

16th October 2022


Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Conroy  41pts
 Eugene Galligan  40pts (B.9)
Martin Cosgrove  40pts
Cat (0 - 18):
John Ginnelly  38pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
Eamon Mangan  38pts
John Geraghty  22pts
 Edmund McAndrew  20pts
57 Played

9th October 2022

Cuffes centra (18H Strokeplay)

WAD Course

1st: Fergal Ruane  74
 Hughie Kennedy  77
David Hurst  80
Cat (0 - 18):
John Gaughan  83 (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
Tommy Talbot  82
James Lavelle  37.5
 Damien Murphy  37.5
22 Played

25th September 2022

CLUB Competition (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Jimmy J Flannery  41pts
 Sean Lavelle  41pts
Kieran O'Connor  40pts (B.9)
28 Played

18th September 2022

CLUB Competition (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Gerry Lavelle  44pts
 James McGuire  40pts 
Kyle Holmes  39pts (B.9)
30 Played

11th September 2022

CLUB Competition (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Hughie Kennedy  41pts
 Ollie Munnelly Jnr  39pts (B.9)
Ollie Munnelly Snr  39pts 
24 Played

4th September 2022

Swanwick Family Practice (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Cathal Doherty  68 (B.9)
 Cormac O'Muirithe  68 (B.9)
Andrew Murphy  68
Cat (0 - 18):
Ollie Munnelly Jnr  69 
Cat (19 - 54):
Cillian O'Mongoin  69
Padraig McGinty  32.5
 Martin Cosgrove  33.5
61 Played

28th August 2022

Frank McGuire Memorial(18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Michael McGrath  44pts
 Pat Deane  43pts
Damien Murphy  42pts
Cat (0 - 18):
Ollie Munnelly Jnr  41pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
James Lavelle  41pts (L.6)
Brendan Keane  22pts (l.6)
 Vincent Fahy  21pts
77 Played

21st August 2022

Teach John Joe (18H Stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Ivan Barrett  47pts
 Des O'Connor  42pts
John Ginnelly  41pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Sean O'Coisdealbha  39pts 
Cat (19 - 54):
Noel Reilly  41pts 
Ronnie McDonnell  23pts
 Paul Munnelly  25pts
66 Played

14th August 2022

Hackett Course

1st: Peadar Mulry 68 (B.9)
2nd: Ronan Gaughan 68 (B.9)
3rd: Gary Oliver 68
4th: Hughie Carey 69 (B.9)
5th: Damien Murphy 69
Cat (0-18): Hugo Lacey 71 (B.9)
Cat (19-54): Andrew Murphy 70
F9: Vincent Keane 34.5
B9: Kevin Carey 30.5
Nearest the Pin: Micheal Shevlin
Longest Drive: Aidan Garvin
61 Played

11th August 2022

Pat Gorham (18H STABLEFORD)

WAD Course

1st: Hughie Carey 42pts
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe 38pts (B.9)
3rd: David Hurst 38pts (B.9)
Cat (0-18): Ollie Munnelly Jnr 38pts
Cat (19-54): James Mangan 38pts

7th August 2022

Lady Captains Prize (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove  43pts
 James C Monaghan 42pts
Sean Gaughan  40pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18):
Kevin Donnelly 40pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54):
Eugene Galligan  39pts (B.9)
Kevin Fallon  25pts 
 Sean Meenaghan  23pts 
69 Played

4th August 2022

Udaras Na Gaeltachta (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Tommy Organ  41pts (B.9)
 Gary Oliver  41pts
Cathal Carey  40pts
Cat (0-18):
Coilín Faherty  39pts (B.9)
Cat (19-54):
 David S Gaughan 36pts
39 Played

July 31st /Aug 1st 2022

Hughie carey (36H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Damien Murphy 79pts
Frank Healy 77pts
Mark Irwin 75pts
Cat (0-18):
Martin Cosgrove  74pts
Cat (19-54):
Ronnie McDonnell  69pts
Best Sunday:
Gary Oliver  41pts (B.9)
Best Monday:
Peadar Mulry 37pts
70 Played

28th July 2022

Lindas Corner House (18H Stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Andrew Murphy  39pts (B.9)
2nd: Cillian O Mongain  39pts
3rd: Niall Geraghty  38pts 
Cat (0-18): Martin Barrett  35pts
Cat (19-54): Declan Healy 36pts
42 Played

24th July 2022

Kevin Rabbett Memorial (18H 4BBB)

WAD Course

1st: Kevin Padden & Frank Healy  44pts
2nd: Des O'Connor & Ryan Gaughan  41pts (B.9)
3rd: Ronan Gaughan & John Gaughan  41pts 
4th: John Ginnelly & Declan Healy  40pts (B.9)
53 Played

21st July 2022

Mixie Mcguire (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Mixie McGuire  47pts
2nd: Eamonn Murphy  43pts
3rd: John Ginnelly  41pts (B.9)
F.9: Liam Murphy  25pts
B.9: Nathan Ruddy 20pts
43 Played

17th July 2022

CAPTAINS prize (Declan Healy) (27H STABLEFORD)

Hackett Course

1st: John Gaughan 68pts
2nd: Andrew Murphy 65pts
Gross: Martin Cosgrove 51pts
3rd: Rowland McIntyre 61.5ts
4th: Ivan Barrett 60pts
Cat (0-12): Ronan Gaughan 59.5pts
Cat (13-28): Gerry Maguire 60pts
Cat (29-54): PJ Carey 52pts
Best Qualifier: Kevin Donnelly 42pts
Past Captain: Gary Stanley 59pts
Best Senior: Frank Healy 57.5pts
Best Rookie: Liam Murphy 59pts
Front Nine: Eamon Mangan 24pts
Back Nine: Darragh Carey 22pts
Third Nine: John D Hanley 20pts
Nearest the Pin: Sean O'Coisdealbha
Longest Drive: Cormac O'Muirithe


Winner: Thomas Gruddy
Runner Up: Rowland McIntyre
Beaten Semi Finalists: Jim Brown & John Ginnelly

14th July 2022

Barretts Quarries (18H Stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Peter Mulry  42pts
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Snr  37pts (B.9)
3rd: Eamon Mangan  37pts
24 Played

10th July 2022

Billy mcandrew memorial (18H Stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Sean O Coisdealbha  43pts
2nd: Cathal Doherty  42pts
3rd: Niall Geraghty  39pts
Cat (0 - 18): John Wilson 38pts
Cat (19 - 54): Jimmy Flannery 38pts
F.9: Kevin Padden 22pts
B.9: Sean Gaughan  21pts
68 Played

7th July 2022

Bertie Flannery (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Cillian O Mongain  41pts
2nd: Peadar Mulry  40pts
3rd: James Lavelle  37pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Nathan Ruddy 37pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Mark Irwin  36pts (B.9)
F.9: Hughie Carey 21pts (L.6)
B.9: Gary Oliver  19pts (L.2)
43 Played

3rd July 2022

Connacht CCTV (18H Strokeplay)

WAD Course

1st: Damien Murphy  65
2nd: Sean Meenaghan 67
3rd: Noel McLoughlin  68
Cat (0 - 18): Martin Cosgrove  69
Cat (19 - 54): Sean O'Coisdealbha  73 (B.9)
F.9: Coilin Faherty  34.0
B.9: Nathan Ruddy  33.5
48 Played

26th June 2022

Best bet bookmakers (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Ivan Barrett  43pts
2nd: Ronan Gaughan  38pts (B.9)
3rd: Sean Meenaghan  38pts 
Cat (0 - 18): David Gaughan 37pts 
Cat (19 - 54): Des O'Connor 36pts 
F.9: Darragh Carey  23pts
B.9: Ronnie McDonnell 20pts
45 Played

19th June 2022

Presidents Prize (Mr Gary Stanley) (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Tommy Talbot   67
2nd: Brendan Reilly   70
Gross: Padraig Ruddy   79
3rd: John D Hanley   71
Cat (0 - 12): Ronan Gaughan   72
Cat (13 - 24): Mark Irwin   72 (B.9)
Cat (25 - 54): Jimmy Cavanagh   76 (B.9)
F.9: Aaron Healy   32.0
B.9: Danny Glackin   31.0
69 Played

5th & 6th June 2022


Hackett Course - Blue Tees

1st: Peter Mulry 146 (Best Mon)
2nd: Sean Gaughan  146
3rd: Coilin Faherty  147 (B.9 on Mon)

Gross: Martin Cosgrove 159
Cat (0 - 18): Darragh Carey  147
Cat (19 - 54): Mark Irwin 150
Best Sunday: Martin Barrett  74
Best Monday: Kevin Padden  72
62 Played

29th May 2022

Shevlins Complete Home Finish (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Peter Mulry  40pts
2nd: Mark Irwin  36pts
3rd: Sean Gaughan  34pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Darragh O'Muirithe 34pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Donal Shine  32pts (B.9)
F.9: Brendan Keane  22pts
B.9: Ronnie McDonnell  21pts
56 Played

22nd May 2022

Paddy Lavelle memorial (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Tommy Talbot 39pts
2nd: Darragh Carey  38pts (B.9)
3rd: Sean O Coisdealbha  38pts
Cat (0 - 18): Kevin Donnelly  36pts
Cat (19 - 54): James Mangan 34pts (B.9)
F.9: Kevin Fallon  20pts
B.9: Martin Cosgrove 18pts (L.6)
54 Played

15th May 2022

Hastings insurance (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Hughie Kennedy  51pts
2nd: Noel Reilly 47pts
3rd: Jimmy Monaghan  41pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Kevin Padden 39pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Mixie McGuire 41pts
F.9: David S Gaughan  23pts
B.9: John Ginnelly  22pts (B.9)
68 Played

2nd May 2022

Winters plant hire (18H 4BBB)

WAD Course

1st: Kevin Fallon & Sean Meenaghan  47pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove & Jimmy Monaghan  46pts
22 Played

1st May 2022

Gerry Lavelle (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Tommy Talbot  64
2nd: James Mangan  66 (B.9)
3rd: Rowland McIntyre  66
Cat (0 - 18): Kevin Padden  69 (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Sean Meenaghan  67 (B.9)
F.9: Jimmy Flannerry  31.5
B.9: Christy Gaughan  31.0 (L.6)
68 Played

24th April 2022


Hackett Course

1st: Ollie Munnelly Snr  37pts
2nd:  Pat Deane  33pts
16 Played

Eamon Macnicholas cup (MatchPlay)

Winner: James Mangan
Runner Up: Eamonn Murphy
Beaten Semi Finalists: Damien Murphy & Noel Reilly

17th April 2022

PJ Carey (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Liam Murphy 39pts
2nd: Vincent Fahy   38pts
3rd: Kevin Fallon  36pts 
Cat (0 - 18): Gerry Lavelle  35pts (L.3)
Cat (19 - 54): Ollie Munnelly Snr 35pts (B.9)
F.9: Padraig McGinty  22pts
B.9: Gary Oliver 18pts (L.6)
47 Played

10th April 2022

PJ Carey (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Thomas Gillespie 42pts 
2nd: Andrew Murphy   38pts
3rd: Kevin Carey  37pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Hughie Carey  37pts
Cat (19 - 54): John Lennon 35pts
F.9: Noel Reilly  19pts (L.6)
B.9: Sean Gaughan  19pts (L.6)
58 Played

3rd April 2022

Micheal McDonnell Memorial(18H Strokeplay)

WAD Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove  68
2nd: Coilín Faherty  70
3rd: Hughie Carey  71(B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): David Hurst  72
Cat (19 - 54): Eamonn Murphy  72
F.9: Kevin Fallon  33.0
B.9: Gary Oliver  34.5
51 Played

27th March 2022

HDD UK LTD (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: John Gaughan 42pts (B.9)
2nd: Des O'Connor   42pts
3rd: James C Monaghan 41pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): John Wilson  41pts 
Cat (19 - 54): James Mangan 41pts
F.9: Brendan Keane 22pts
B.9: Eamonn Murphy  22pts
47 Played

20th March 2022 

O'Raghallaigh's Pub Bingamstown (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Brendan Keane 38pts
2nd: Vincent Fahy   37pts (B.9)
3rd: Jimmy Monaghan  37pts
Cat (0 - 18): Coilín Faherty  33pts (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Mixie McGuire  35pts
F.9: Kevin Padden  23pts
B.9: Séan O'Coisdealbha  18pts (L.6)
55 Played

17th March 2022

PatRick Carolan DerryCorrib (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Sean Gaughan  38pts (B.9)
2nd: Damien Murphy  38pts
3rd: Vincent Fahy  36pts
Cat (0 - 18): Rowland McIntyre  35pts
Cat (19 - 54): Des O'Connor  34pts
F.9: David Hurst  19pts (L.6)
B.9: John Ginnelly  19pts 
35 Played

13th March 2022

John Lennon Transport (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: David Hurst  42pts
2nd: Noel Reilly  41pts 
3rd: Gerry Lavelle  40pts
Cat (0 - 18): John Ginnelly  35pts
Cat (19 - 54): James Mangan 39pts
F.9: Tommy Organ  20pts
B.9: Brendan Reilly  18pts (L.6)
42 Played

27th February 2022

Erris Defib (18H Stableford)

Wild Atlantic Dunes

1st: Jimmy Flannnery  41pts
2nd: Brendan Keane  37pts

13th February 2022

Ronald MCdonald house (18H Scotch foursomes)

Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Carey & Andrew Murphy  46pts (B.9)
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Snr & Paul Munnelly  46pts

6th February 2022


Hackett Course

1st: Gerry Lavelle 38pts
2nd: Kevin Padden 35pts

Winter League Prize Winners 2021 / 2022

1st: Tony Gaughan & Jimmy Flannery 129pts
2nd: Sean Gaughan & Kevin Conroy 124pts
3rd: Martin Cosgrove & Noel McLoughlin 123pts
4th: James Monaghan & Noel Reilly 115ts

23rd January 2022


Hackett Course

1st: Damien Murphy & Coilín Faherty 43pts (B.9)
2nd:  Edmund McAndrew & Kevin Padden 43pts

16th January 2022


Hackett Course

1st: Pat McIntyre & Cathal Doherty 46pts (B.9)
2nd: Eugene Galligan & Damien Lavelle 46pts

9th January 2022


Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: Tommy Talbot 42pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 40pts (B.9)

2nd January 2022


Hacket Course

1st: Séan Gaughan 38pts
2nd: Eamon Murphy 37pts (B.9)


27th December 2021

Jackie & Patricia COyle (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Kyle Holmes 41pts
2nd: Jimmy J Flannery  40pts (L.3)
3rd: Ryan Gaughan 40pts
Cat (0 - 18): Pat McIntyre 39pts
Cat (19 - 54): David Barrett 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Ivan Barrett  21pts (L.3)
B.9: Peter Mulry 20pts
29 Played

26th December 2021

Reillys TotalHealth Pharmacy (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: John Lennon 43pts
2nd: Gary Oliver  42pts
3rd: Patrick McIntyre 41pts
Cat (0 - 18): Ronan Gaughan 40pts
Cat (19 - 54): Donal Shine  40pts
F.9: Sean Gaughan 22pts (L.6)
B.9: Frank Healy 22pts
38 Played

19th December 2021

Winter League Week 4 (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: John Lennon  44pts (B.9)
2nd: David Barrett  44pts (B.9)

12th December 2021

Christmas Hamper - Healys Spar (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Ronan Gaughan 42pts 
2nd: Noel McLoughlin  41pts
3rd: Frank Healy  40pts 
Cat (0 - 18): Sean Gaughan  39pts
Cat (19 - 54): John Doherty  39pts (B.9)
F.9: Noel Reilly  23pts
B.9: John Gallagher  20pts
56 Played

5th December 2021

Winter League Week 3 (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: James C Monaghan  45pts (B.9)
2nd: Hughie Carey 45pts

Winter League Standings after Week 3

28th November 2021

CAPTAINS prize (SÉan Gaughan) (18H STABLEFORD)

Hackett Course

1st: John Hanley 40pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 38pts (B.9)
Gross: Damien Murphy 29pts
3rd: Donal Shine 38pts
4th: John D Hanley 37pts
Cat (0-12): Peter Mulry 36pts
Cat (13-28): Noel Reilly 37pts
Cat (29-54): Fergal Ruane 27pts
Past Captain: Hughie Carey 37pts
Best Senior: Coilín Faherty 34pts
Best Rookie: Adam Carrabine 34pts
Front Nine: Séan Lavelle 21pts
Back Nine: Séan O'Coisdealbha 20pts
Nearest the Pin: Frank Healy
Longest Drive: Martin Cosgrove

21st November 2021


Hackett Course

1st: David Hurst  41pts 
2nd: Jimmy F Flannery  39pts (B.9)
3rd: Damien Murphy  39pts (B.9)

14th November 2021

Winter League Week 2 (18H stableford)

WAD Course

1st: Thomas Gruddy  36pts (B.9)
2nd: Kevin Conroy  36pts (L.6)

Winter League Standings after Week 2

7th November 2021

Winter League Week 1 (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Mixie McGuire  49pts 
2nd: Jimmy Monaghan  45pts (L.6)

31st October 2021

PJ McHale (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Vincent Fahy  39pts  (B.9)
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Snr  39pts 
3rd: Martin Cosgrove  38pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Michael Gaughan  38pts
Cat (19 - 54): John Lennon  38pts 
F.9: Damien Murphy  21pts
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr  19pts
51 Played

25th October 2021


Hackett Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove 36pts
2nd: David Hurst  35pts
3rd: Jimmy Flannery 34pts (B.9)
F.9: Eamonn Murphy  21pts
B.9: Peadar Mulry  19pts 

17th October 2021

kevin kennedy Motors (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Vivian Healy  44pts
2nd: Damien Murphy  42pts (B.9)
3rd: Tom Gruddy 42pts 
Cat (0 - 18): Ronan Gaughan  39pts
Cat (19 - 54): Sean Meenaghan 41pts (B.9)
F.9: Peadar Mulry  24pts
B.9: Eamonn Murphy  22pts (L.6)
55 Played

10th October 2021

cuffes centra (18H strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Patrick Deane  70
2nd: Peadar Mulry  69 (Junior)
3rd: David S Gaughan 71 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): John Hanley  71 (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Eamon Murphy  73
F.9: Donal Shine  34.0 (L.6)
B.9: Gerry Lavelle  32.5
60 Played

26th September 2021

Club Competition (18H Stableford)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove  35pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin  32pts

19th September 2021

Broadhaven bay hotel (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: David Hurst  41pts 
2nd: Tommy Organ  40pts (B.9)
3rd: Kevin Fallon 40pts 
Cat (0 - 18): Kevin Padden  39pts
Cat (19 - 54): Ollie Munnelly Snr  38pts
F.9: Peter Mulry  21pts (L.6)
B.9: Brendan Gaughan 20pts (L.3)
71 Played

12th September 2021

Eddie Treacy (18H stableford)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: Frank Healy  38pts (B.9)
2nd: Kevin Donnelly  38pts 
3rd: Tommy Talbot  36pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Coilín Faherty  34pts
Cat (19 - 54): Eugene Galligan  33pts
F.9: Cathal Church  21pts
B.9: Brendan Keane  18pts
40 Played

5th September 2021

Club Competition (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Pat Deane  42pts
2nd: Damien Murphy  40pts (B.9)
3rd: Gerry Maguire  40pts
F.9: Jimmy F Flannery  24pts
B.9: Michael John Gruddy 23pts

46 Played

29th August 2021

Pat Gorham (18H strokeplay)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: Jimmy Monaghan  61
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr  66 (B.9)
3rd: Peadar Mulry  66
Cat (0 - 18): David Hurst  71 (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): PJ McHale 69
F.9: Brendan Reilly  34.0 (L.6)
B.9: Gerry Lavelle  31.5
65 Played

26th August 2021

PJ Barrett Quarries (18H 4bbb Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Conroy & PJ McHale  45pts (B.9)
2nd: Tommy Organ & Noel Reilly  45pts
3rd: Martin Cosgrove & Noel McLoughlin  44pts (B.9)

24 Played

22nd August 2021

Paddy lavelle memorial (18H stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Cillian O'Mongain 46pts
2nd: Mixie McGuire  44pts
3rd: Ronnie McDonnell  43pts
Cat (0 - 18): Peadar Mulry 42pts
Cat (19 - 54): Ivan Barrett  41pts (L.6)
F.9: Gary Oliver 25pts
B.9: Adam Carrabine 21pts (L.6)
73 Played

18th August 2021

Artec Construction (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Ollie Munnelly Snr  36pts
2nd: Peadar Mulry  38pts (Junior)
3rd: John Ginnelly  35pts
F.9: Paul Munnelly  20pts (B.9)
B.9: Darragh Carey 23pts 
41 Played

15th August 2021

Marty Gaughan memorial (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Mixie McGuire 65
2nd: Jimmy Monaghan  68
3rd: Kevin Traynor  69 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Peadar Mulry 71
Cat (19 - 54): Tom Gillespie  69
F.9: Vincent Keane  35.5
B.9: Eamon Murphy 33

Longest Drive: Kevin Traynor
Nearest the Pin: Donal Shine

59 Played

12th August 2021

Tommy mchugh (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Aidan Garvin  37pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin  36pts (B.9)
3rd: Ollie Munnelly Snr  36pts
F.9: Liam McAndrew  20pts (L.6)
B.9: Paul Munnelly 18pts (L.6)
38 Played

8th August 2021

Teach john joe (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: John Wilson 66
2nd: Brendan Keane  67
3rd: Brendan Gaughan 68 
Cat (0 - 18): Coilín Faherty 71
Cat (19 - 54): Ronnie McDonnell  72 (L.6)
F.9: John Doherty  33.5 (L.6)
B.9: Peadar Mulry 33.5
59 Played

1st & 2nd August 2021

Hughie carey (36H stableford)

Hackett Course - Yellow Tees

1st: John Doherty  82pts (43, 39)
2nd: Ronnie McDonnell  81pts (43, 38)
3rd: Coilín Faherty  80pts (39, 41) 

Cat (0 - 18): Vincent Keane   78pts (41, 37)
Cat (19 - 54): Declan Healy   76pts (35, 41) 
Best Sunday: Kevin Fallon   44pts
Best Monday:  Mark Irwin  40pts (B.9)

68 Played

29th July 2021

Swanick family practice (18H Scotch Foursomes)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: John Hanley & Coilín Faherty  45.5pts 
2nd: Peter Mulry & Peadar Mulry  44pts 
3rd: Ciaran Rabbett & Tony Gaughan  43.5pts

25th July 2021

Linda's corner house (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: John Hanley  63
2nd: David S Gaughan  67
3rd: Sean Doherty 68 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Donal Shine 69 (B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): James Mangan  68
F.9: Declan Healy  29.5
B.9: James McGuire 31.0

68 Played

22nd July 2021

Gerry Lavelle (18H 4BBB stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove & Cormac O'Muirithe   44pts (B.9)
2nd: Donal Shine & Pat McIntyre  44pts (L.6)
3rd: John Hanley & Coilín Faherty   44pts

18th July 2021

Frank mcguire mEMORIAL (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Padraig McGinty  57
2nd: Hugo Lacey  64
3rd: Cathal Carey 66
Cat (0 - 18): Ronan Gaughan 67
Cat (19 - 54): Richard Stich  67
F.9: Vincent Keane  33.0
B.9: Sean Doherty  30.5

68 Played

Macnicholas Cup matchplay 2021

Winner: Martin Cosgrove
Runner Up: Sean Meenaghan
Beaten Semi Finalists: Mark Irwin & Edmund McAndrew
Best Qualifier: Peter Mulry (39pts)

15th July 2021

shevlins complete house finish (18H 4BBB)

Hackett Course

1st: Cormac O'Muirithe & Ryan O'Donoghue   51pts
2nd: Ray Whelan & Gerry Lavelle   48pts
3rd: Padraig Ruddy & Sean Heston   46pts

Frank Brogan memorial ERRIS CUP matchplay 2021

Winner: Ryan O'Donoghue
Runner Up: James McGuire
Beaten Semi Finalists: Padraig Ruddy & John Ginnelly
Best Qualifier: Mark Irwin (44pts)

11th July 2021


Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: Darragh Carey  41pts
2nd: Kevin Conroy  39pts (B.9)
3rd: Peter Mulry  39pts (L.3)
Cat (0 - 18): Vincent Keane 39pts
Cat (19 - 54): Pat Deane  38pts
F.9: Sean Meenaghan  20pts (L.3)
B.9: David S Gaughan  21pts

61 Played

8th July 2021

udarás na Gaeltachta (18H 4BBB)

Hackett Course

1st: John Hanley & Kevin Donnelly   49pts
2nd: James C Monaghan & Padraig Ruddy   44pts (L.2)
3rd: Peter Mulry & Peadar Mulry    44pts

4th July 2021

Frank healy (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Kevin Fallon  67 (B.9)
2nd: Jim Brown  67 (B.9)
3rd: Vincent Keane  67
Cat (0 - 18): Coilín Faherty  68
Cat (19 - 54): Eamon Murphy  70
F.9: Frank Healy  34.0
B.9: Liam Murphy  29.0

64 Played

1st July 2021

BEST bet bookmakers (18H Stableford)

Kilmore Course

1st: Martin Cosgrove  41pts
2nd: Nathan Ruddy  39pts 
3rd: Sean O'Coisdealbha  38pts
F.9: James C Monaghan  20pts (L.6)
B.9: David S Gaughan 22pts

48 Played

27th June 2021

John lennon transport (18H Strokeplay)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: John D Hanley  71
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Snr   73 (B.9)
3rd: Thomas Gruddy   73 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Sean Meenaghan   74
Cat (19 - 54): David S Gaughan   73
F.9: Kevin Donnelly    31.0
B.9: Martin Cosgrove    35.0

64 Played

24th June 2021

Winters plant hire (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Padraig Ruddy 41pts
2nd: Hughie Carey 36pts (B.9)
3rd: Martin Cosgrove 36pts
F.9: John Hanley 20pts
B.9: Liam Murphy 18pts (L.3)

20 Played

20th June 2021

The presidents prize (mr Ivan griffin)
(18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Sean Heston   43pts (B.9)

2nd: Padraig Ruddy  43pts
3rd: Vincent Fahy   41pts (B.9)

Cat (0 - 10): Martin Cosgrove 41pts  
Cat (11 - 20): Vincent Keane 39pts
Cat (21 - 54): Pat Reidy  39pts
F.9: Frank Healy   22pts
B.9:  David Padden   21pts

82 Played

17th June 2021

ulster Bank (18H Stableford)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: James McGuire 37pts 
2nd: Martin Barrett 36pts (B.9)
3rd: James Lacey  36pts
F.9: Des O'Connor 24pts
B.9: David S Gaughan 18pts (L.3)

47 Played

13th June 2021

Macnicholas cup Qualifier (18H Stableford)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

See Club News for draw

10th June 2021

Talbot Hotel (18H Stableford)

Hackett Course

1st: Jason Carey  30pts (B.9)
2nd: David Hurst  30pts (B.9)
3rd: Ray Whelan 30pts
F.9: Peter Mulry 15pts
B.9: Darragh O'Muirithe 18pts

23 Played

6th & 7th June 2021

The Club championship (36H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course - Blue Tees

1st: Thomas Gruddy   144
2nd: Peadar Mulry   138  (Junior)
3rd: Darragh Carey  148 (Day 2)   
Gross: Paul Mitchell   157

Cat (0 - 18): Vincent Fahy  148 (Day 2 B.9)
Cat (19 - 54): Cathal Carey   151   
Best Sunday: Martin Cosgrove   68
Best Monday:  Coilín Faherty  76

77 Played

3rd June 2021

Erris Home Improvements (18H Stableford)

Wild Atlantic Dunes Course

1st: Cormac O'Muirithe  39pts (B.9)
2nd: Kevin Conroy  39pts
3rd: Ryan O'Donoghue 37pts
F.9: Darragh O'Muirithe  22pts
B.9:  John Hanley  19pts (L.1)

51 Played

30th May 2021

PJ Carey (18H Strokeplay)

Hackett Course

1st: Richard Stich   66
2nd: Vivian Healy   68
3rd: Kieran O'Connor  69 (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Jim Brown   69 
Cat (19 - 54): Noel Reilly    69
F.9: Martin Cosgrove    33.0
B.9:  Tom Giilespie     31.5

77 Played

27th May 2021

TJ Lennon Quarries (18H STABELFORD)

Hackett Course

1st: Cormac O'Muirithe    40pts
2nd: Donal Shine   37pts (L.6)
3rd: Vincent Keane    37pts (B.9)
F.9: Gerry Lavelle 20pts (L.6)
B.9:  Kevin Donnelly 19pts

24 Played

23rd May 2021

Erris Cup Qualifier

Hackett Course

See Club News for draw

20th May 2021


Hackett Course
1st: Dylan McAndrew   34pts (B.9)
2nd: Pat Deane   34pts
3rd: Martin Cosgrove   33pts (B.9)
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr  20pts
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr  17pts (L.3)

16th May 2021


Hackett Course

1st: Marty Boylan  42pts
2nd: Martin Barrett  41pts (B.9)
3rd: Richard Stich  41pts (B.9)
Cat (0 - 18): Gerry Maguire  39pts
Cat (19 - 54): Paul Munnelly  41pts
F.9: Brendan Keane  23pts
B.9: Cathal Doherty  24pts

13th May 2021

Tony mckenzie (18H STABELFORD)

Hackett Course

1st: Kyle Holmes  42pts
2nd: Tommy Organ  41pts 
3rd: Coilín Faherty  40pts (L.6)
F.9: Liam Murphy  25pts
B.9: Ronan Gaughan  20pts (L.6)


27th December 2020

Jackie & Patricia Coyle 18H Stb.
1st: Sean Gaughan 38pts
2nd: John Hanley 36pts
3rd: Damian Conroy 35pts
Cat (0-16): Sean O'Coisdealbha 33pts
Cat (17-54): David S Gaughan 33pts
F.9: Peter Mulry 17pts
B.9: John Ginnelly 18pts (L.6)

26th December 2020
Reilly Chemists 18H Stb.
1st: Vincent Keane 37pts
2nd: John Lennon 31pts
3rd: Martin Cosgrove 30pts (L.6)
Cat (0-16): Frank Healy 30pts
Cat (17-54): Sean Meenaghan 29pts
F.9: Brendan Keane 15pts
B.9: David Greene 16pts

20th December 2020
Michael McDonnell Memorial 18H Stb.
1st: Ollie Munnelly Snr 38pts
2nd: Frank Healy 35pts (B.9)
3rd: Gary Oliver 35pts (L.6)
Cat (0-16): Martin Cosgrove 35pts (L.6)
Cat (17-54): Sean Gaughan 32pts (L.6)
F.9: Eamon Murphy 19pts
B.9: James McGuire 21pts

13th December 2020
X'mas Hamper 18H Stb:
1st: Brendan Keane 46pts
2nd: Pat Deane 44pts
3rd: Tommy Organ 42pts (B.9)
Cat 1: James McGuire 42pts
Cat 2: Sean Gaughan 41pts (B.9)
F.9: Tony Gaughan 23pts
B.9: Cillian O'Mongain 22pts

6th December 2020
Broadhaven Bay Hotel 18H Stb.
1st: Martin Mylotte 46pts
2nd: Sean Heston 43pts
3rd: Cathal Doherty 42pts
Cat(0-16): Cormac O'Muirithe 41pts (B.9)
Cat(17-54): Padraig McGinty 41pts
F.9: Aaron O'Hara 23pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 22pts

18th October 2020
Ulster Bank 18H Stb.
1st: David Padden 44pts
2nd: Kevin Padden 43pts (B.9)
3rd: David Greene 43pts (B.9)
Cat(0-16): Ed McAndrew 40pts
Cat(17-36): David S Gaughan 43pts
F.9: Kevin Fallon 22pts (L.6)
B.9: Noel McLoughlin 22pts
CSS: 36pts

11th October 2020
Cuffes Centra.
1st: Martin Barrett 67
2nd: Martin Mylotte 69 (B.9)
3rd: John Gallagher 69 (B.9)
Cat (0-16): Padraig Ruddy 69
Cat (17-36): David Hanley 70
F.9: Damian Conroy 34.0 (L.6)
B.9: Sean Heston 32.0
CSS: 72

4th October 2020
Tommy McHugh Accountants.
1st: Martin Barrett 32pts
2nd: Ciaran Rabbett 28pts (B.9)
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 28pts
Cat(0-16): John Ginnelly 27pts
Cat(17-36): Sean O'Coisdealbha 26pts
F.9: Frank Healy 15pts
B.9: Kevin Padden 15pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

20th September 2020
Swanick Family Practice.
1st: Padraig Ruddy 41pts
2nd: Peadar Mulry 43pts (Junior Golfer)
3rd: John Ginnelly 40pts
Cat(0-16): Martin Barrett 39pts
Cat(17-36): Darragh Carey 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Martin Cosgrove 21pts
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr 18pts
CSS: 35pts

13th September 2020
The Captains Prize (Mr Vincent Keane):
1st: Cormac O'Muirithe 54pts
2nd: James McGuire 51.5pts
Gross: Martin Cosgrove 36pts
3rd: Ivan Barrett 49pts
4th: Padraig Ruddy 47.5pts (T.9)
Cat 1: Noel McLoughlin 45pts
Cat 2: Coilin Faherty 47.5pts
Cat 3: Tommy Organ 44.5pts
Best Qualifier: Ed McAndrew 33pts
Past Captain: Gerry Maguire 44.5pts
Best Senior: Frank Healy 38pts
Best Rookie: Pat Deane 42pts
F.9: Sean Meenaghan 18pts
B.9: Anthony Walsh 19pts
T.9: Jono Murphy 15pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only.

6th Sept 2020
Billy McAndrew 18H Stb.
1st: Adam Carrabine 47pts
2nd: Darragh O'Muirithe 44pts
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 41pts
Cat (0-16): Padraig Ruddy 40pts
Cat (17-36): Sean Lavelle 40pts
F.9: David S Gaughan 21pts (L.3)
B.9: Peter Mulry 21pts (L.3)
CSS: 37pts

30th August 2020
Linda's Corner House Bar.
1st: Gary Stanley 67
2nd: Paul Mitchell 68
3rd: Michael Shevlin 69 (B.9)
Cat (0-16): John Ginnelly 69
Cat (17-36): Tommy Organ 70 (B.9)
F.9: Coilin Faherty 34.5 (L.6)
B.9: Jim Brown 32.5
CSS: 71

27th Aug 2020
Eddie Tracy 18H Stb:
1st: Patrick Lavelle 40pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 39pts (L.1)
3rd: Ollie Munnely Snr 39pts (L.6)
F.9: John Ginnelly 23pts
B.9: Chris Cowley 22pts (L.3)
CSS: 37pts

23rd August 2020
The Presidents Prize(Mrs Sheila Tallott).
1st: Kevin Padden 67
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 70 (B.9)
Gross: Damien Murphy 75
3rd: David S Gaughan 71
4th: Cormac O'Muirithe 72 (B.9)
Cat(0-16): Brendan Reilly 72
Cat(17-36): Patrick Lavelle 75 (B.9)
Beginner/Rookie: Sean Meenaghan 78
F.9: Darragh O'Muirithe 35.5 (L.6)
B.9: John D Hanley 32.0
CSS: 73

20th Aug 2020
Artec Construction 18H Stb:
1st: Cormac O'Muirithe 36pts
2nd: Sean O' Coisdealbha 34pts
3rd: Martin Barrett 33pts
F.9: Peter Mulry 17pts
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 35pts

13th Aug 2020
Teach John Joe 18H Stb:
1st: Sean O'Coisdealbha 39pts
2nd: James Mangan 38pts (B.9)
3rd: Cathal Carey 38pts (B.9)
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 21pts
B.9: Tommy Organ 21pts
CSS: 37pts

6th August 2020
PJ McHale 18H Stroke:
1st: Darragh O'Muirithe 67
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 68 (B.9)
3rd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr  68
F.9: Martin Barrett 32.5
B.9: Darragh Carey 31.0
CSS: 71

2nd & 3rd August 2020
Hugh Carey 36H STB Aggregate:
1st:  John Hanley 78pts
2nd: Kevin Padden 77pts
3rd: Aaron O'Hara 76pts (B.Mon)
Cat 0-16: Alan Lynskey 76pts
Cat 17-36: Kevin Conroy 75pts (B.Mon)
Best Sun: Aidan Garvin 40pts (L.3)
Best Mon: David Hanley 41pts (B.9)
CSS:  Sun  37pts   Mon  38pts

30th July 2020
Tony McKenzie 18H Stb:
1st: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 40pts
2nd: Tommy Organ 38pts
3rd: Cormac O'Muirithe 37pts
F.9: Sean O'Coisdealbha 19pts (L.6)
B.9: James Mangan 19pts
CSS: 36pts

26th July 2020
Frank McGuire Memorial 18H Stb:
1st: Cormac O'Muirithe 41pts
2nd: Mark Irwin 40pts
3rd: Ed McAndrew 39pts (B.9)
F.9: James Mangan 22pts (L.6)
B.9: Noel McLoughlin 21pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts

23rd July 2020
Mullavelle 18H Stb:
1st: James C Monaghan 46pts
2nd: David Padden 43pts
3rd: Ciaran Rabbett 41pts
F.9: David S Gaughan 23pts
B.9: Ivan Barrett 21pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts

19th July 2020
Frank Healy 18H Stroke:
1st: Ciaran Rabbett 67
2nd: Darragh Carey 68
3rd: Hughie Carey 69 (L.6)
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr 32.0
B.9: Brian Murphy 31.5 (L.3)
CSS: 70

16th July 2020
The Talbot Hotel 18H Stb:
1st: Padraig Ruddy 44pts
2nd: Ray Whelan 42pts
3rd: Peter Mulry 39pts
F.9: Paul Munnelly 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Thomas Gruddy 21pts
CSS: 37pts

12th July 2020
The Shebeen 18H Stb - Blue Tees:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 33pts
2nd: James Doherty 32pts
3rd: Peter Mulry 31pts (B.9)
F.9: John Lennon 18pts (L.6)
B.9: Ciaran Rabbett 18pts
CSS: 32pts -- Reduction Only

9th July 2020
PJ Carey 18H Stb:
1st: Vincent Fahy 43pts
2nd: James C Monaghan 42pts
3rd: Martin Cosgrove 41pts
F.9: Coilin Faherty 21pts (L.6)
B.9: Peadar Mulry 23pts
CSS: 38pts

5th July 2020
Shevlins Home Furnishings 18H Stroke:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 73 (B.9)
2nd: John Ginnelly 73
3rd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 76
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr 39.5
B.9: Vincent Fahy 32.5
CSS: 74

3rd July 2020
Gerry Lavelle 18H Stb:
1st: Jimmy Monaghan 40pts
2nd: Peter Mulry 39pts (B.9)
3rd: Martin Cosgrove 39pts
F.9: Cormac O'Muirithe 22pts
B.9: Padraig Ruddy 20pts
CSS: 37pts

22nd March 2020
TJ Lennon Quarries 18H Stroke:
1st: Ivan Barrett 67
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 68
3rd: John Hanley 69
F.9: Damien Murphy 33.5 (L.6)
B.9: James C Monaghan 31.5
CSS: Non Qualifying

17th March 2020
Bee Green Cleaners 18H Stb:
1st: Damien Murphy 41pts
2nd: Jimmy Monaghan 40pts
3rd: Darragh Carey 39pts
CSS: 37pts

15th March 2020
PJ Barrett Quarries 18H Singles V Par:
1st: Brendan Gaughan +1 (B.6)
2nd: Vincent Keane +1
3rd: MJ Gruddy -1 (B.9)
F.9: Jimmy Monaghan +1
B.9: Mark Irwin +1
CSS: -2 Reduction Only

8th March 2020
Mayo Beverages 18H Stb:
1st: Tommy Organ 37pts
2nd: John Hanley 34pts (B.9)
3rd: Danny Malone 34pts
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 20pts
B.9: Damien Murphy 18pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction Only

1st March 2020
Captains Drive in. Sponsored by An Builin Bhlasta:
1st: Mark Irwin, Sean Gaughan, Eimear Gilroy & Jim Brown.
2nd : Coilin Faherty, Eala Mulry, Peter Mulry & Vincent Fahy.
3rd: Assumpta Guilfoyle, Sean O'Coisdealbha, Danny Malone & Declan Healy.

23rd February 2020
Winter League 2020 Final Results:
1st: David Hurst & Thomas Gruddy 120pts
2nd: Hughie Carey & Kieran O'Connor 118pts
3rd: Brendan Reilly & Vincent Fahy 112pts

23rd February 2020
The Kitchen Port -- 4BBB:
1st: Damien Murphy & Sean O'Coisdealbha 44pts
2nd:  Noel Reilly & Brian Murphy 42pts

2nd February 2020
2Ball Scramble:
1st: Noel McLoughlin & Mark Irwin 43pts
2nd:  Danny Malone & Kevin Conroy 42pts

26th January 2020
Scotch Foursomes:
1st: Ronan Gaughan & Sean Gaughan 41pts
2nd:  John Ginnelly & John Doherty 36pts

19th January 2020
Winter League WK5:
1st: Gerry Lavelle 40pts
2nd:  Ollie Munnelly Jnr 39pts
CSS: 38pts

12th January 2020
Winter League WK5:
1st: John Lennon 40pts
2nd:  John Doherty 39pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction Only

5th January 2020
Winter League WK4:
1st: Noel Reilly 37pts (B.9)
2nd: Declan Healy 37pts


29th December 2019
Jackie & Patricia Coyle 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 36pts
2nd: Donal Shine 34pts (B.9)
3rd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 34pts (B.9)
F.9: Mark Irwin 22pts
B.9: Frank Healy 19pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction Only

28th December 2019
Jackie & Patricia Coyle:
1st: John Ginnelly 36pts
2nd: Donal Shine 34pts
CSS:  37pts

27th December 2019
Broadhaven Bay Hotel:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 36pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 35pts
CSS: 37pts

26th December 2019
Reilly Chemists( Kenny Concannon):
1st: Sean McAndrew 43pts
2nd: David Hurst 41pts
3rd: Brendan Keane 40pts
F.9: Tommy Organ 22pts
B.9: Noel Reilly 21pts
CSS: 39pts

22nd December 2019
Winter League WK3:
1st: Peadar Mulry 46pts
2nd: Brendan Reilly 41pts
CSS: 39pts

15th December 2019
X'mas Hamper 18H Stb:
1st: Vincent Keane 44pts
2nd: Kieran O Connor 40pts (B.9)
3rd: Thomas Gruddy 40pts
Cat 1: Jonathan Murphy 39pts
Cat 2: Noel Reilly 38pts
F.9: Peter Mulry 22pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 21pts
CSS: 39pts

1st December 2019
Winter League WK2:
1st: Declan Healy 41pts (B.9)
2nd: Tommy Organ 41pts
CSS: 39pts

24th November 2019
Winter League WK1:
1st: John Geraghty 48pts
2nd: Coilin Faherty 44pts
CSS: 39pts

17th November 2019
Winters Plant Hire 18H Stb:
1st: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 41pts
2nd: John Ginnelly 38pts (B.9)
3rd: John Lennon 38pts (B.9)
F.9: Noel Reilly 23pts
B.9: Brendan Gaughan 22pts
CSS: 38pts

10th November 2019
Vice Captains 18H Stroke:
1st: Pat McIntyre 68 (B.9)
2nd: Gerry Lavelle 68
3rd: Mark Irwin 71
F.9: Frank Healy 32.5
B.9: Gary Stanley 35.5
CSS: 71

3rd November 2019
Tony McKenzie 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 42pts (B.9)
2nd: Tommy Organ 42pts
3rd: Ollie Munnelly Snr 41pts
F.9: David Hurst 23pts
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 21pts
CSS: 39pts

28th October 2019
PJ McHale 18H Stroke:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 73 (B.9)
2nd: Jim Brown 73
3rd: Danny Malone 74
F.9: Michael Gaughan 34.0
B.9: John Hanley 37.0
CSS: 74

27th October 2019
Tommy McHugh Accountants Open:
1st: Brian Murphy 43pts
2nd: Kevin Donnelly 40pts (B.9)
3rd: Vincent Fahy 40pts
F.9: Fergus Scanlon 20pts
B.9: Gerry Maguire 21pts
CSS: 36pts

26th October 2019
Kevin Kennedy Motors Open:
1st: Jonathan Murphy 36pts
2nd: Brian Murphy 33pts
3rd: Martin Cosgrove 32pts
F.9: Sean Comer 17pts Swinford GC
B.9: Jimmy Monaghan 18pts (L.6)
CSS: Members & Visitors -- 34pts Reduction Only

20th October 2019
SELC 18H Stb:
1st: Brian Murphy 37pts (B.9)
2nd: Nathan Ruddy 37pts
3rd: Hughie Carey 36pts
F.9: Danny Malone 19pts (L.2)
B.9: Donal Shine 19pts
CSS: 35pts

13th October 2019
Cuffes Centra:
1st: Sean McAndrew 69
2nd: Mark Irwin 70 (B.9)
3rd: Damien Murphy 70 (B.9)
F.9: Hugo Lacey 32.0
B.9: Sean O Coisdealbha 36.0
CSS: 72

6th Oct 2019
Ulster Bank 18H Stb.
1st: Peter Mulry 40pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 39pts (B.9)
3rd: Gerry Lavelle 39pts
F.9: John Hanley 22pts
B.9: John Geraghty 21pts
CSS: 37pts

22nd Sept 2019
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Noel Reilly 40pts
2nd: Gerry Lavelle 36pts (B.9)
CSS: 37pts

15th Sept 2019
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Seán O Coisdealbha 36pts
2nd: Brian Murphy 34pts
CSS: 36pts

8th Sept 2019
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Jim Brown 38pts (B.9)
2nd: Sean McAndrew 38pts
CSS: 37pts

1st Sept 2019
Artec Construction 18H Stb:
1st: Peter Mulry 39pts
2nd: James Mangan 37pts
3rd: Sean O'Coisdealbha 35pts (B.9)
F.9: David S Gaughan 21pts
B.9: Ronnie McDonnell 17pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts

25th Aug 2019
Paddy Lavelle Memorial 2019.
1st: Donal Shine 42pts
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 40pts (B.9)
3rd: Gary Oliver 40pts
F.9: Sean McAndrew 22pts (L.6)
B.9: John Ginnelly 24pts
CSS: 37pts

18th August 2019
Lady Captains Prize to the Men.
1st: Noel McLoughlin 40pts (L.6)
2nd:  Donal Shine 40pts
3rd: Cormac O'Muirithe 37pts
F.9: Jimmy Monaghan 20pts
B.9: Noel Reilly 20pts
CSS: 36pts
Frank Brogan Memorial Erris Cup Matchplay 2019
Winner: Ivan Barrett
Runner-Up:  Martin Cosgrove
Beaten Semi-Finalists: Damien Murphy & Nathan Ruddy

14th August 2019 Runners-up:
David Gough 18H Stb
1st: Donal Shine 37 pts
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe (Junior Golfer) 45pts
3rd: David Hurst 36 pts
F9:  Tommy Organ 21 pts
B9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 19 pts
CSS: 36 Pts

11th August 2019
Marty Gaughan Memorial

1st: Seán Gaughan 69 nett
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe 70 nett
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 70 nett
Cat 1: Damien Murphy 71 nett
Cat 2:  Brian Murphy 77 nett
Front Nine:  Nathan Ruddy 32 nett
Back Nine: Kevin Donnelly 32.5 nett
Longest Drive: Danny Malone
Nearest the Pin: Brendan Keane
C.S.S:  72
4th & 5th August 2019
Hugh Carey 36H Aggregate:
1st:  Danny Malone  74pts Better Monday
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 78pts (Junior Golfer)
3rd: Kevin Conroy 74pts
Cat 0-16: Noel McLoughlin 72pts
Cat 17-36: Jason Carey 64pts
Best Sun: Paul Mitchell 39pts
Best Mon: Jono Murphy 38pts
CSS:  Sun  37pts   Mon  35pts

28th July 2019
The Captains Prize (Mr James McGuire):
1st: Brendan Reilly 101.5
2nd: Jono Murphy 103.5
Gross: Paul Mitchell 114
3rd: Martin Barrett 104.5
4th: Kieran O Connor 105 (T.9)
Cat 1: Danny Malone 105
Cat 2: Kevin Barrett 105
Cat 3: Richard Stich 106.5
Best Qualifier: Cathal Church 69
Past Captain: Jim Brown 106 (T.9)
Best Senior: Gerry Maguire 106.5
F.9: Martin Mylotte 30.5
B.9: Vincent Keane 34.5
T.9: James Mangan 35
CSS: 71
1st: Cormac O' Muirithe 33pts
2nd: Peadar Mulry 30pts
3rd: David Lally 29ptsRunners-up:
CSS: 34pts

21st July 2019
Frank McGuire Memorial Cup.
1st: Brian Murphy 36pts
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe 37pts (Junior Golfer)
3rd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 35pts
F.9: John Ginnelly 18pts (L.6)
B.9: Peadar Mulry 20pts
CSS: 35pts

14th July 2019
Shevlins Complete Home Furnishings:
1st: Darragh O Muirithe 63
2nd : John D Hanley 67 (B.9)
3rd: Jason Padden 67 (B.9)
F.9: Jimmy Monaghan 27.0
B.9: John Gallagher 34.5
CSS: 71

7th July 2019
Swanick Family Practice.
1st: Damien Murphy 65
2nd: Cormac O' Muirithe 67
3rd: Kevin Padden 70 (B.9)
Cat(0-16): Gary Stanley 70
Cat(17-36): James Mangan 72 (B.9)
F.9: John Hanley 33.0
B.9: Gary Oliver 33.0
CSS: 71

30th June 2019
The Presidents Prize(Mr Vincent Fahy).
1st: Martin Cosgrove 42pts
2nd: Kieran O'Connor 39pts
Gross: Kevin Donnelly 28pts
3rd: Brian Murphy 38pts
4th: John Higgins 37pts
Cat(0-16): John Ginnelly 36pts
Cat(17-54): Jason Carey 35pts
F.9: Gary Stanley 20pts
B.9: Vincent Keane 20pts
CSS: 36pts

23rd  June 2019
Billy McAndrew Memorial:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 41pts
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 39pts
3rd: Gerard McDonnell 38pts
F.9: Donal Shine 24pts
B.9: Ronnie McDonnell 21pts
CSS: 36pts

13th June 2019
Gerry Lavelle Painting and Decorating Open:
1st: Gary Oliver 43pts
2nd: David Gaughan 40pts
3rd: Ray Whelan 38pts
F.9: Cormac O' Muirithe 21pts
B.9: David Hurst 21pts
CSS: 37pts

12th June 2019
Erris Tourism Open:
1st: Jake Foley 28pts (Elm Park GC)
2nd: Peadar Mulry 33pts (Junior)
CSS: 34pts  Reduction only

9th June 2019
Best Bet Bookmakers:
1st: Kevin Padden 65
2nd: Thomas Gruddy 67 (B.9)
3rd: Gary Oliver 67
F.9: John Doherty 30.0
B.9: Vincent fahy 32.5
CSS: 71

3rd June 2019
George Reilly Memorial:
1st: Kevin Conroy +2
2nd: Martin Cosgrove +1 (B.9)
3rd: Sean Gaughan +1
CSS: +1

2nd June 2019
Teach John Joe:
1st: Hughie Carey 37pts
2nd: John Kilker 36pts
3rd: Vincent Keane 35pts
F.9: Gerry Maguire 19pts (L.6)
B.9: Gary Stanley 17pts
CSS: 35pts

26th May 2019
John Lennon Transport:
1st: Jonathan Murphy 64
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 66
3rd: Ciaran Rabbett 69
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 31.5
B.9: Gerry Maguire 34.5
CSS: 72

19th May 2019
Michael McDonnell Memorial Cup:
1st: Vincent Keane 40pts
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Snr 39pts
3rd: Kevin Donnelly 36pts (B.9)
F.9: James Mangan 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Gary Stanley 20pts
CSS: 35pts
12th May 2019
Kevin Kenny 18H Stb:
1st: Hughie Carey 40pts (B.9)
2nd: Gary Oliver 40pts
3rd: Pat Reidy 38pts (B.9)
F.9: Mark Irwin 21pts
B.9: John Gallagher 22pts
CSS: 37pts

5th May & 6th May 2019
The Club Championship :
1st: Jason Padden 140
2nd: Vincent Fahy 145
Gross: Damien Murphy 160
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 146 (B.Mon)
Best Sunday: Kevin Donnelly 70
Best Monday: Hugo Lacey 72
CSS: 73 on both days

28th April 2019
Frank Healy 18H Stroke:
1st: Vivian Healy 65
2nd: Kevin Conroy 69
3rd: Vincent Fahy 70
F.9: Gary Stanley 33.0 (L.6)
B.9: Danny Malone 34.5
CSS: 71

MacNicholas Cup Matchplay 2019
Winner : Kevin Conroy
Beaten Finalist : Hughie Carey
Beaten Semi-finalists : Cormac O Muirithe and James Mangan
Best Qualifier : Sean O Coisdealbha 34pts (B.9)

21st April 2019
Talbot Hotel Open:
1st: Mark Irwin 38pts
2nd: Danny Glackin 36pts
3rd: Vincent Keane 35pts (B.9)
F.9: Kevin Conroy 20pts
B.9: Cormac O'Muirithe 20pts
CSS: 34pts

20th April 2019
Udaras Na Gaeltachta Open:
1st: Coilin Faherty 37pts (B.9)
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 37pts (B.9)
3rd: Gerry Lavelle 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Gerard McDonnell 20pts
B.9: Hughie Carey 20pts (L.2)
CSS: 36pts

19th April 2019
Bee Green Cleaners 18H Stb:
1st: Jim Brown 36pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 35pts (B.9)
3rd: Danny Malone 35pts
F.9: Mark Irwin 22pts
B.9: David S Gaughan 18pts
CSS: 36pts

12th - 14th April 2019
Club Outing to Galway Bay GC
1st: Kevin Padden 64pts
2nd: John Wilson 60pts (B.Sat)
3rd: John Hanley 60pts (B.Sat)
Cat 1: Noel McLoughlin 59pts
Cat 2: Brendan Reilly 60pts
Best Friday: Sean Gaughan 34pts
Best Saturday: Vincent Keane 33pts

7th April 2019
Erris Home Improvements 18H Stb:
1st: Sean McAndrew 41pts
2nd: Tom Morrissey 38pts (B.6)
3rd: Pat McIntyre 38pts
F.9: John Doherty 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Cormac O'Muirithe 21pts
CSS: 36pts

30th & 31st March 2019
Club Fundraising Am Am:
1st: Martin Cosgrove, Jimmy Monaghan, Tommy Organ and Danny Malone 90pts
2nd : Michael Gaughan, Ronan Gaughan, Sean Gaughan and James McGuire 89pts
3rd: Michael Herr, Freddie Canavan, Johnny Leonard and Enda Judge (All Enniscrone GC) 88pts

24th March 2019
PJ Carey 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 38pts
2nd: John Doherty 35pts
3rd: Ray Whelan 34pts (B.9)
F.9: John Lennon 18pts
B.9: Noel McLoughlin 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 34pts

18th March 2019
Bee Green Cleaners:
To be rescheduled at a later date. Minimum number of entrants not reached.

17th March 2019
TJ Lennon Quarries 18H Stroke:
1st: Vincent Fahy 75 (B.9)
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Snr 75
3rd: Vincent Keane 76 (B.9)
F.9: Sean O Coisdealbha 37.0
B.9: Coilin Faherty 36.5
CSS: 74 Reduction only

10th March 2019
Mayo Beverages:
1st: Sean O Coisdealbha 30pts
2nd: John Ginnelly 29pts
3rd: Danny Malone 28pts (B.9)
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

3rd March 2019
Captains Drive in. Sponsored by An Builin Bhlasta:
1st: Noel McLoughlin, Fergus Scanlon, John Geraghty and Andrea Boyd 57.8
2nd : Vincent Keane, James McGuire, Rita Shevlin and Vincent Fahy 59.0
3rd: Gary Oliver, Ollie Munnelly Jnr, Sheila Tallott and David Hurst 59.2

24th February 2019
MullLavelle 18H Stb:
1st: Gerry Lavelle 41pts
2nd: Frank Healy 40pts
3rd: Pat Reidy 38pts
F.9: John Doherty 22pts (L.6)
B.9: Martin Mylotte 20pts (L.2)
CSS: 38pts

Winter League 2018/19:
Winners: Danny Malone + Hughie Carey
Runners Up: Coilin Faherty + Vincent Fahy
Beaten Semi-Finalists: Gerry Lavelle + John Ginnelly, Peter Mulry + Ivan Griffin

17th February 2019
Cara Iorrais 18H Singles v Par:
1st: Gerry Lavelle +6
CSS: +3

10th February 2019
Erris Wheelchair Association 18H Stb:
1st: Kevin Padden 34pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

3rd February 2019
Winter League WK5:
1st: Michael J Gruddy 44pts
2nd: Martin Mylotte 42pts
CSS: 40pts

27th January 2019
Winter League WK4:
1st: Mark Irwin 44pts
2nd: Declan Healy 41pts
CSS: 39pts

20th January 2019
Winter League WK3:
1st: Peter Mulry 41pts
2nd: Declan Healy 40pts
CSS: 39pts

13th January 2019
Winter League WK2:
1st: Ivan Griffin 39pts (B.9)
2nd: Jason Carey 39pts
CSS: 37pts

6th January 2019
Winter League WK1:
1st: Kevin Conroy 44pts
2nd: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 42pts
CSS: 40pts

New Years Day 2019 14H Scramble
1st: John D Hanley,Vincent Keane,Peadar Mulry and Seán Doherty 44.2
2nd: John Hanley, Éala Mulry,Peter Mulry and Noel Reilly 44.8


Golfer of the Year 2018
Stroke Player of the Year 2018
30th December 2018
Jackie & Patricia Coyle Open:
1st: Donal Shine 42pts
2nd: Frank Healy 40pts (B.9)
3rd: David O' Malley 40pts Black Bush GC.
F.9: Michael Gaughan 22pts (L.6)
B.9: Hughie Carey 20pts (L.6)
CSS: 39pts

29th December 2018
Kevin Kennedy Motors Open:
1st: Michael Gaughan 40pts (B.9)
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 41pts (Junior)
3rd: Gerard McDonnell 40pts
F.9: Darragh O'Muirithe 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Niall O'Neill 22pts (L.6) Greenore GC.
CSS: 39pts

26th December 2018
Reilly Chemists( Kenny Concannon):
1st: Declan Healy 40pts (B.9)
2nd: John Hanley 40pts (B.9)
3rd: Vincent Keane 40pts
F.9: Sean Gaughan 21pts
B.9: David Hurst 21pts
CSS: 38pts

23rd December 2018
PJ McHale 18H Stroke:
1st: Jimmy Monaghan 63
2nd: Ronnie McDonnell 67
3rd: Jim Brown 68
F.9: Nathan Ruddy 32.0
B.9: Vincent Fahy 33.5
CSS: 68

16th December 2018
X'mas Hamper 18H Stb:
1st: Brendan Reilly 41pts (B.9)
2nd: Noel Reilly 41pts
3rd: Gerry Maguire 40pts (B.9)
Cat 1: Ciaran Rabbett 39pts
Cat 2: Martin Mylotte 40pts
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr 22pts
B.9: Dermot Butler 21pts (L.2)
CSS: 39pts

9th December 2018
Broadhaven Bay Hotel 18H Stb:
1st: David Hurst 40pts
2nd: Kevin Padden 39pts
3rd: Jimmy Monaghan 38pts
F.9: Noel Reilly 21pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 21pts
CSS: 38pts

2nd December 2018
SELC 18H Stb:
1st: James lacey 41pts
2nd: Damien Murphy 40pts
3rd: John Ginnelly 39pts
F.9: Jimmy Monaghan 23pts (L.6)
B.9: John Hanley 20pts
CSS: 38pts

25th November 2018
Winters Plant Hire 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 42pts
2nd: Coilin Faherty 39pts (B.9)
3rd: John Lennon 39pts
F.9: Ronnie McDonnell 23pts
B.9: James Mangan 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts

18th November 2018
Tony McKenzie 18H Stb:
1st: Peter Mulry 44pts
2nd: David Hurst 43pts
3rd: Damien Murphy 42pts (B.9)
F.9: Sean O Coisdealbha 21pts
B.9: John Hanley 22pts
CSS: 40pts

11th November 2018
Vice Captains Prize(James McGuire):
1st: Brendan Reilly 69
2nd: Martin Barrett 71 (B.9)
3rd: Danny Malone 71
F.9: Ollie Munnelly Snr 31.0
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 34.5
CSS: 71

MacNicholas Cup Matchplay 2018
Winner : Danny Malone
Beaten Finalist : James Mangan
Beaten Semi-finalists : John Ginnelly and Gerry Maguire
Best Qualifier : Martin Mylotte 37pts

28th October 2018
Tommy McHugh Accountants Open:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 44pts (B.9)
2nd: Cathal Church 44pts
3rd: Sean McAndrew 43pts
F.9: Jim Brown 21pts
B.9: Vincent Fahy 23pts
CSS: 37pts

14th October 2018
Cuffes Centra:
1st: Kevin Donnelly 68 (L.2)
2nd: Gerry Maguire 68 (B.9)
3rd: Pat McIntyre 68 (B.9)
F.9: Donal Shine 30.0
B.9: Hughie Carey 33.5
CSS: 70

30th Sept 2018
Ulster Bank 18H Stb.
1st: James McGuire 39pts (B.9)
2nd: John Gallagher 39pts
3rd: Coilin Faherty 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Cormac O'Muirithe 19pts
B.9: Brendan Reilly 21pts
CSS: 35pts

23rd Sept 2018
David Gough 18H Stb.
1st: Fergus Scanlon 35pts (B.9)
2nd: Brendan Reilly 35pts
3rd: Jim Brown 34pts (B.9)
F.9: Vincent Keane 18pts
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 20pts
CSS: 34pts

16th Sept 2018
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 37pts
2nd: Declan Healy 36pts
CSS: 37pts

9th Sept 2018
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 35pts
2nd: Kevin Conroy 34pts
CSS: 34pts

2nd Sept 2018
Artec Construction:
1st: Ed McAndrew 37pts (L.6)
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 37pts
3rd: Danny Malone 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Kieran Lally 18pts (L.6)
B.9: Kevin Padden 20pts
CSS: 35pts

26th Aug 2018
Paddy Lavelle Memorial 2018.
1st: Sean Gaughan 38pts
2nd: John Geraghty 36pts (L.6)
3rd: Vincent Keane 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Pat Mcintyre 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Frank Healy 21pts
CSS: 37pts

19th August 2018
Lady Captains Prize to the Men.
1st: Sean O Coisdealbha 40pts
2nd: Cathal Church 39pts (B.9)
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 39pts (B.9)
F.9: Sean Gaughan 22pts
B.9: Gary Todd 21pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts

12th August 2018
Marty Gaughan Memorial
1st: Peter Mulry 66
2nd: Dermot Butler 68
3rd: Patrick McIntyre 69
Cat 1: Cormac O Muirithe 71
Cat 2: Thomas Gruddy 72
F9: Rowland McIntyre 31.5
B9: Coilín Faherty 35
Longest Drive on 3rd: Cormac O Muirithe
Nearest Pin on 2nd: Danny Malone 2' 9''
CSS: 72

Frank Brogan Memorial Erris Cup Matchplay
Winner: Damien Murphy
Runner-Up:  John Ginnelly
Beaten Semi-Finalists: Francis Healy & Ronan Gaughan

5th & 6th August 2018
Hugh Carey 36H Aggregate:
1st:  Patrick Eschwey   74pts Better Monday
2nd: Kevin Conroy 74pts
3rd: Alan Mitchell 73pts (B.9)
Cat 1: Damien Murphy 71pts Better Monday
Cat 2: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 73pts
Best Sun: Ollie Munnelly 41pts
Best Mon: Paul Mitchell 39pts
CSS:  Sun  37pts   Mon  37pts

29th July 2018
Shevlins Complete Furnishings:
1st: Brendan Lynch 64
2nd : Damien Murphy 67
3rd: Martin Cosgrove 69
F.9: Nathan Ruddy 31
B.9: Declan Healy 34.5
CSS: 71

22nd July 2018
The Captains Prize (Mr Fergus Scanlon):
1st: Darragh O'Muirithe 59.5pts
2nd: Liam Power 57pts
Gross: John Hanley 48pts
3rd: Jason Carey 56pts
4th: Martin Cosgrove 55.5pts (T.9)
Cat 1: John Boyd 52.5pts
Cat 2: Kieran Lally 55.5pts
Cat 3: Noel Reilly 50.5pts
Best Qualifier: Pat McIntyre 40pts
Past Captain: David Hurst 54pts
Best Senior: Vincent Fahy 51.5pts
Best Beginner: Tommy Organ 21pts
F.9: Michael J Gruddy 21pts
B.9: Sean Gaughan 20pts
T.9: Ciaran Rabbett 20pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts
1st: Cormac O' Muirithe 57pts
2nd: David Gaughan 51pts
3rd: Sean Lavelle 46pts
CSS: 37pts
1st: Peadar Mulry 34 nett
2nd: Piaras Concannon 36
3rd: Riann Concannon 39

15th July 2018
Frank McGuire Memorial Cup.
1st: Damien Murphy 42pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 38pts
3rd: John Gallagher 37pts
F.9: David Hurst 20pts
B.9: Keith Swanick 19pts
CSS: 36pts

8th July 2018
Swanick Family Practice.
1st: Damien Murphy 73
2nd: Donal Shine 74 (B.9)
3rd: Sean O Coisdealbha 74 (B.9)
Cat(0-16): Aaron O Hara 74
Cat(17-28): Ivan Griffin 75
F.9: Coilin Faherty 34
B.9: Kevin Barrett 36.5
CSS: 74 Reduction only

1st July 2018
Billy McAndrew Memorial 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 39pts
2nd: Chris Breen 37pts
3rd: Coilin Faherty 36pts
F.9: Cathal Church 21pts
B.9: Gerry Maguire 22pts
CSS: 34pts

24th June 2018
The Presidents Prize(Mr Ed McAndrew).
1st: Vincent Keane 66
2nd: Chris Breen 66
Gross: Damien Murphy 78
3rd: PJ McHale 71
4th: Denis Guilfoyle 72 (B.9)
Cat(0-16): Kevin Padden 72 (B.9)
Cat(17-28): John Higgins 73 (B.9)
F.9: George Robertson 31.5 (L.6)
B.9: Nathan Ruddy 35
1st: Cormac O' Muirithe 73
CSS: 72

14th June 2018
Gerry Lavelle Painting & Decorating Open:
1st: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 36pts
2nd: David Gaughan 33pts
3rd: Mark Weston 32pts (B.9) (Westport GC)
CSS: 34pts Reduction Only

10th June 2018
Best Bet Bookmakers:
1st: Jim Brown 62
2nd: Frank Healy 68
3rd: Hughie Carey 69
F.9: John Ginnelly 32.5
B.9: Michael J Gruddy 35.0
CSS: 71

4th June 2018
George Reilly Memorial:
1st: Damien Murphy +8
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe +6
3rd: David Gaughan +2
F.9: Jim Brown +3
B.9: John D Hanley +2
CSS: +1

3rd June 2018
Teach John Joe:
1st: Vincent Keane 39pts
2nd: Gerry Maguire 38pts
3rd: Danny Malone 37pts
F.9: Noel Reilly 21pts
B.9: Sean Gaughan 20pts
CSS: 36pts

27th May 2018
Michael McDonnell Memorial Cup:
1st: John Wilson 36pts (L.6)
2nd: David Gaughan 37pts (Junior)
3rd: Ray Whelan 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Donal Shine 20pts
B.9: Coilin Faherty 19pts
CSS: 35pts

13th May 2018
Kevin Kenny 18H Stb:
1st: John Geraghty 38pts
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 41pts (Junior)
3rd: Kevin Donnelly 36pts
F.9: John ginnelly 21pts
B.9: Danny Malone 23pts
CSS: 35pts

6th May & 7th May 2017
The Club Championship :
1st: Gerard McDonnell 147
2nd: Larry Mitchell 153 (B. Mon)
Gross: Paul Mitchell 164
3rd: Peter Mulry 153
Best Sunday: Kevin Padden 76
Best Monday: Cathal Church 73 (B.9)
CSS: Day 1: 76 Reduction only.  Day 2: 74

29th April 2018
Frank Healy:
1st: Michael Gaughan 68
2nd: Damien Murphy 69 (B.9)
3rd: Vincent Keane 69
F.9: James McGuire 32.0
B.9: Rowland McIntyre 34.0
CSS: 71

22nd April 2018
Club 18H Stb:
1st: David Hurst 35pts (B.9)
2nd: Danny Malone 35pts
CSS: 35pts

15th April 2018
Erris Home Improvements 18H Stb:
1st: Donal Shine 34pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 32pts (B.9)
3rd: James McGuire 32pts (B.9)
F.9: Cormac O Muirithe 18pts
B.9: Mark Irwin 19pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

8th April 2018
John Lennon Transport:
1st: Danny Malone 68 (B.9)
2nd: Ed McAndrew 68
3rd: Damien Murphy 70 (B.9)
F.9: Mark Irwin 32.0 (L.6)
B.9: Kevin Barrett 35.5
CSS: 72

1st April 2018
Talbot Hotel Open:
1st: Michael J Gruddy 39pts
2nd: Gerry Maguire 38pts
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Damien Murphy 21pts
B.9: Mark Irwin 19pts
CSS: 35pts

31st March 2018
Udaras Na Gaeltachta Open:
1st: Ciaran Todd (Heritage GC) 41pts
2nd: Shane Tynan (Galway Bay GC) 37pts
3rd: John D Hanley 36pts
F.9: Donal Shine 19pts
B.9: Ronan Gaughan 17pts
CSS: 35pts

30th March 2018
Bee Green Cleaners:
1st: Kevin Donnelly 40pts
2nd: David Gaughan 38pts
3rd: Damien Murphy 35pts
CSS: 35pts

18th March 2018
TJ Lennon Quarries 18H Stroke:
1st: Damien Murphy 76
2nd: Ronnie McDonnell 78 (B.9)
3rd: James McGuire 78
F.9: Mark Irwin 35.5
B.9: Frank Healy 40.0 (L.6)
CSS: 74 Reduction only

11th March 2018
PJ Carey 18H Stb:
1st: John D Hanley 40pts
2nd: Sean O Coisdealbha 38pts
3rd: Michael Gaughan 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Martin Cosgrove 19pts (L.6)
B.9: Ronan Gaughan 21pts
CSS: 36pts

25th February 2018
Mayo Beverages:
1st: Noel Conroy 40pts (B.9)
2nd: John Ginnelly 40pts
3rd: John Hanley 39pts
F.9: Mark Irwin 19pts
B.9: Gary Stanley 20pts
CSS: 37pts

Winter League 2017/18:
Winners: Coilin Faherty + John D Hanley
Runners Up: Tom Gruddy + Michael J Gruddy
Beaten Semi-Finalists: David Gaughan + Sean Gaughan, Peter Mulry + Danny Malone

18th February 2018
Cara Iorrais 4BBB:
1st: Brendan Reilly + John Lennon 44pts
2nd: Hughie Carey + Ivan Griffin 43pts

11th February 2018
Erris Wheelchair Association 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 33pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

4th February 2018
MullLavelle 18H Stb:
1st: Gerry Lavelle 44pts
2nd: Eamon Mangan 43pts
3rd: Noel Conroy 41pts (B.9)
F.9: James Mangan 24pts
B.9: John Gallagher 21pts
CSS: 39pts

28th January 2018
Winter League WK6:
1st: M.J. Gruddy 38pts
2nd: John Lennon 37pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

21st January 2018
Winter League WK5:
1st: John Hanley 38pts
2nd: Gary Stanley 37pts
CSS: 36pts

14th January 2018
Winter League WK4:
1st: M.J. Gruddy 39pts
2nd: Kevin Barrett 38pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

7th January 2018
Winter League WK3:
1st: PJ Carey 40pts (B.9)
2nd: John D Hanley 40pts
CSS: 39pts

New Year's Day 14H Scramble:
Winners: Michael Shevlin,Seán Gaughan,Seán McAndrew and Helen Comiskey 46.2


Golfer of the Year 2017
Stroke Player of the Year 2017

31st December 2017
Club 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 40pts
2nd: Michael Shevlin 37pts (B.9)
CSS: 40pts

28th December 2017
Guinness Open:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 38pts
2nd: John Hanley 37pts
CSS: 36pts

27th December 2017
Ulster Bank Open:
1st: David Hurst 37pts
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe 37pts (Junior)
3rd: Johnny Leonard 36pts (Enniscrone))
F.9: Peter Mulry 17pts (L.6)
B.9: Mark Irwin 16pts
CSS: 37pts

26th December 2017
Reilly Chemists( Kenny Concannon):
1st: PJ Carey 40pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 37pts (B.9)
3rd: Barry McAndrew 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Nathan Ruddy 23pts
B.9: Kieran Lally 22pts
CSS: 37pts

17th December 2017
Broadhaven Bay Hotel 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 44pts
2nd: Kevin Conroy 40pts (B.9)
3rd: Hughie Carey 40pts
F.9: John Hanley 21pts
B.9: David Hurst 22pts
CSS: 39pts

10th December 2017
X'mas Hamper 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 40pts (B.9)
2nd: Jim Brown 40pts (L.6)
3rd: Padraig Lynskey 40pts
Cat 1: Brendan Keane 39pts
Cat 2: Michael J Gruddy 38pts
F.9: Nathan Ruddy 22pts
B.9: PJ Carey 21pts
CSS: 38pts

3rd December 2017
Winter League WK2:
1st: John Doherty 42pts
2nd: John Hanley 41pts
CSS: 39pts

26th November 2017
Winter League WK1:
1st: John Lennon 45pts
2nd: Sean O Coisdealbha 40pts
CSS: 38pts

19th November 2017
Tony McKenzie, Bangor:
1st: Barry McAndrew 47pts
2nd: John Doherty 44pts
3rd: Kevin Padden 41pts
F.9: Coilin Faherty 21pts (L.6)
B.9: Brendan Reilly 21pts
CSS: 39pts

12th November 2017
Winters Plant Hire 18H Stb:
1st: Noel Reilly 37pts
2nd: Sean Gaughan 36pts (B.9)
3rd: John Hanley 36pts
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 18pts
B.9: Michael Gaughan 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

5th November 2017
Vice Captains Prize:
1st: Kevin Donnelly 68
2nd: David Gaughan 69 (B.9)
3rd: John Ginnelly 69 (B.9)
F.9: Ivan Griffin 29.5
B.9: Ed McAndrew 33.5
CSS: 70

30th October 2017
PJ McHale 18H Stroke:
1st: Michael Gaughan 70
2nd: Gerry Maguire 72 (B.9)
3rd: Kevin Donnelly 72 (B.9)
F.9: John Hanley 34
B.9: David Hurst 35.5
CSS: 72

29th October 2017
Tommy McHugh Accountants Open:
1st: Vincent Fahy 40pts
2nd: Pat Reidy 38pts (B.9)
3rd: David Gaughan 38pts (L.2)
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 20pts
B.9: Jim Brown 20pts
CSS: 37pts

28th October 2017
Kevin Kennedy Motors Open:
1st: David Hurst 37pts
2nd: Jim Brown 35pts (B.9)
3rd: David Gaughan 35pts
F.9: Danny Malone 21pts
B.9: Noel Reilly 20pts
CSS: 35pts

15th October 2017
Cuffes Centra:
1st: Frank Healy 41pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 38pts (B.9)
3rd: John Hanley 38pts
F.9: Gary Oliver 18pts (L.3)
B.9: Ivan Griffin 21pts
CSS: 34pts

1st October 2017
George Reilly Memorial:
1st: Ed McAndrew 33pts
2nd: David Gaughan 32pts (B.9)
3rd: Vincent Keane 32pts (L.6)
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 19pts
B.9: Martin Cosgrove 16pts (L.6)
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

24th Sept 2017
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Mark Irwin 39pts
2nd: Padraig Lynskey 36pts
F.9: Donal Shine 19pts
B.9: John Ginnelly 20pts
CSS: 36pts

18th Sept 2017
Artec Construction:
1st: Noel Reilly 67
2nd: Damien Murphy 70
3rd: Frank Healy 72
F.9: Sean McAndrew 36
B.9: John Hanley 35.5
CSS: 72

10th Sept 2017
Club 18H Stb.
1st: Sean McAndrew 37pts
2nd: Gary Todd 23pts
CSS: 34pts

3rd Sept 2017
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 41pts
2nd: Kevin Barrett 38pts (B.9)
F.9: Sean O Coisdealbha 21pts
B.9: Peter Mulry 20pts
CSS: 37pts

27th Aug 2017
Lady Captains Prize to the Men.
1st: Kevin Padden 34pts (L.6)
2nd: Danny Glackin 34pts
3rd: Gary Stanley 32pts (L.6)
F.9: Martin Mylotte 19pts
B.9: Jim Brown 17pts
CSS: 32pts

20th Aug 2017
Paddy Lavelle Memorial 2017.
1st: Vincent Keane 36pts
2nd: David Gaughan 36pts ( B.9)
3rd: Cormac O' Muirithe 36pts
F.9: Brendan Reilly 22pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 18pts (L.3)
CSS: 36pts

13th Aug 2017
The Marty Gaughan Memorial:
1st: Ed McAndrew 67
2nd: John Hanley 68 (B.9)
3rd: Peter Mulry 68
Cat(0-17): Sean O Coisdealbha 69
Cat(18-28): Dermot Butler 70
F.9: Darragh O Muirithe 29.5
B.9: Gary Stanley 34.5
Nearest Pin Dermot Butler
Long Drive Kevin Donnelly
CSS: 72

6th and 7th August 2017
Hughie Carey 36H Stableford:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 73pts
2nd: Jim Brown 69pts
3rd: John Hanley 68pts (Best Mon)
Cat 0-17: Frank Healy 68pts
Cat 18-28: Kevin Conroy 65pts
Best Sunday: Ronan Gaughan 35pts
Best Monday: Danny Malone 41pts
CSS: Sun=34pts Reduction only. Mon=37pts

5th August 2017
Jackie and Patricia Coyle:
1st: PJ Carey 38pts (B.9)
2nd: James Mangan 38pts
3rd: Nick Mastoni 37pts
CSS: 37pts

30th July 2017
The Captains Prize (Mr Gerry Maguire):
1st: Tom McAndrew 57pts
2nd: John D Hanley 55.5pts
Gross: John Boyd 43pts
3rd: Leonard Shevlin 53.5pts
4th: John Kilker 53pts
Cat 1: Jim Brown 52.5pts
Cat 2: Jerry Foley 51.5pts
Cat 3: Patrick Lavelle 47pts
Best Qualifier: Gerard McDonnell 37pts
Past Captain: Donal Shine 51pts
Best Senior: Ed McAndrew 50pts
Best Beginner: Martin Cosgrove 50.5pts
F.9: Kevin Barrett 20pts
B.9: John Hanley 21pt
T.9: Brendan Keane 16.5pts
CSS: 35pts
1st: Darragh O' Muirithe 49.5pts
2nd: Cormac O' Muirithe 46.5pts
3rd: Sean Lavelle 45.5pts
CSS: 36pts
1st: Paedar Mulry 34.5 nett

23rd July 2017
Shevlins Complete Furnishings:
1st: David Hanley 66
2nd David Gaughan 64 (Junior)
3rd: Danny Malone 67 (B.9)
F.9: Gerry Maguire 29.0
B.9: John Ginnelly 34.5
CSS: 71

Frank McGuire Memorial 2017.
1st: John Hanley 40pts
2nd: John Kilker 38pts ( B.9)
3rd: Danny Malone 38pts
F.9: Vincent Fahy 19pts (L.3)
B.9: Vincent Hanley 23pts
CSS: 35pts

9th July 2017
The Presidents Prize(Mrs Ailish Barrett).
1st: Damien Murphy 38pts
2nd: Danny Malone 37pts (B.9)
Gross: Kevin Donnelly 29pts
3rd: John D Hanley 37pts (B.9)
4th: David Hurst 37pts
Cat(0-16): John Gallagher 36pts (B.9)
Cat(17-28): Ivan Griffin 35pts (L.6)
F.9: Antony Healy 21pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 19pts (L.2)
1st: David Gaughan 39pts (B.9)
2nd: Cormac Murray 39pts
CSS: 37pts

2nd July 2017
Billy McAndrew Memorial 18H Stb:
1st: Eamon Mangan 40pts
2nd: Vincent Fahy 38pts
3rd: Cormac O' Muirithe 37pts (L.6)
F.9: Declan Healy 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Gary Todd 20pts
CSS: 36pts

25th June 2017
Swanick Family Practice 18H Stroke:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 67
2nd: Gerard McDonnell 69
3rd: John Ginnelly 70
F.9: Ed McAndrew 32
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 34
CSS: 72

15th June 2017
Gerry Lavelle Painting & Decorating Open:
1st: Hughie Carey 38pts
2nd: John Ginnelly 34pts
3rd: John Hanley 31pts
CSS: 34pts

14th June 2017
Erris Tourism Open:
1st: Desmond Ryan (Deer Park) 28pts
2nd: Peter Mulry 26pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

13th June 2017
Bosh Bar & Restaurant Open:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 34pts
2nd: Damien Murphy 32pts
3rd: John Hanley 30pts
CSS: 32pts

MacNicholas Cup Matchplay 2017
Winner : Sean O Coisdealbha
Beaten Finalist : James Mangan
Beaten Semi-finalists : Jim Brown and Martin Barrett
Best Qualifier : John Doherty 36pts

Erris Cup Matchplay 2017 
Winner : Damien Murphy
Beaten Finalist : Vincent Keane
Beaten Semi-finalists : David Gaughan and PJ McHale

11th June 2017
Best Bet Bookmakers:
1st: Ed McAndrew 34pts
2nd: Sean O Coisdealbha 33pts (B.9)
3rd: David Gaughan 33pts
F.9: Gerry Maguire 17pts (L.6)
B.9: Sean Gaughan 18pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

5th June 2017
Kevin Kenny 18H Stb:
1st: Nathan Ruddy 37pts
2nd: David Gaughan 35pts
3rd: Ivan Griffin 33pts
CSS: 36pts

4th June 2017
Teach John Joe:
1st: Sean McAndrew 36pts
2nd: David Gaughan 36pts (Junior)
3rd: Dermot Butler 34pts (B.9)
F.9: Ed McAndrew 20pts
B.9: Donal Shine 19pts
CSS: 34pts

28th May 2017
Michael McDonnell Memorial Cup:
1st: John Hanley 37pts
2nd: Danny Glackin 36pts
3rd: Damien Murphy 35pts (B.9)
F.9: Donal Shine 20pts
B.9: Leonard Shevlin 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 35pts

7th May 2017
Frank Healy 18H Stroke:
1st: Peter Mulry 70
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 68 (Junior)
3rd: David Gaughan 70
F.9: Gerry Maguire 31.5
B.9: Ivan Griffin 36
CSS: 72

30th April & 1st May 2017
The Club Championship :
1st: Pat McIntyre 150
2nd: David Gaughan 148
Gross: Damien Murphy 166
3rd: Martin Barrett 152
Best Sunday: John Hanley 74
Best Monday: Donal Shine 72
CSS: 76 - Day 1,   74 - Day2

23rd April 2017
Club 18H Stb.
1st: Gerard McDonnell 41pts
2nd: David Gaughan 45pts (Junior)

17th April 2017
Bee Green Cleaners:
1st: James McGuire 34pts (B.9)
2nd: Vincent Keane 34pts
3rd: Gary Stanley 31pts
F.9: Damien M urphy 18pts (L.3)
B.9: Paul Ruterford 16pts

16th April 2017
Talbot Hotel Open:
1st: Vincent Keane 40pts
2nd: John J Healy 36pts (L.3)
3rd: John D Hanley 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Gary Stanley 19pts (L.3)
B.9: Ed McAndrew 19pts (L.3)

15th April 2017
Udaras Na Gaeltachta Open:
1st: Bernard Grimes 36pts
2nd: Michael Shevlin 35pts (B.9)
3rd: John Doherty 35pts
F.9: Hughie Carey 20pts
B.9: Matt Town (UK) 20pts

14th April 2017
Erris Tourism Open:
1st: Thomas Gruddy 46pts
2nd: Danny Malone 41pts
3rd: Tom Morrissey 39pts (Elmgreen GC)
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 19pts
B.9: John Hanley 19pts

9th April 2017
John Lennon Transport:
1st: Sean Gaughan 67
2nd: Vincent Keane 68
3rd: Jim Brown 69
F.9: Ed McAndrew 33.5
B.9: Declan Healy 35 (L.6)

2nd April 2017
Erris Home Improvements 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Barrett 34pts (B.9)
2nd: Coilin Faherty 34pts
3rd: David Hurst 33pts
F.9: James Mangan 19pts
B.9: Donal Shine 19pts

26th March 2017
SELC 18H Stb:
1st: Kevin Padden 40pts (B.9)
2nd: David Gaughan 40pts
3rd: John Ginnelly 39pts
F.9: Vincent Fahy 20pts (L.6)
B.9: John Doherty 20pts

19th March 2017
TJ Lennon Quarries 18H Stroke:
1st: John Hanley 69 (B.9)
2nd: Vincent Fahy 69
3rd: Hughie Carey 71 (B.9)
F.9: Sean Gaughan 32.5
B.9: David Gaughan 35.0

12th March 2017
PJ Carey 18H Stb:
1st: Sean McAndrew 38pts (B.9)
2nd: Brendan Reilly 38pts (B.9)
3rd: Martin Barrett 38pts
F.9: Coilin Faherty 19pts (L.6)
B.9: Pat McIntyre 21pts

4th March 2017
Captains Drive in. Sponsored by An Builin Bhlasta:
1st: Damien Murphy, Sean Doherty, Liam Power and Kevin Donnelly 58.6
2nd : Gary Stanley, Hugh Carey, Ann McGarry and Declan Healy 59.4

26th February 2017 :
Mayo Beverages:
1st: Jim Brown 32pts
2nd:David Gaughan 36pts (Junior)
CSS: 36pts

Winter League 2016/17
Winners: Vincent Keane + James Mangan
Runners Up: Peter Mulry + Cormac O'Muirithe
Beaten Semi-Finalists: David Gaughan + Brendan Reilly, Gary Stanley + Gerry Lavelle

19th February 2017
Cara Iorrais 4BBB:
1st: Dermot Butler + Kevin Barrett 45pts (B.9)
2nd: PJ Carey + PJ McHale 45pts (B.9)

12th February 2017
Erris Wheelchair Association:
1st: John Gallagher 41pts
2nd: Frank Healy 39pts (B.9)
CSS: 37pts

5th February 2017
Mulavelle 18H Stb:
1st: John Mangan 45pts
2nd: Liam Power 42pts
F.9: Frank Healy 21pts (L.6)
B.9: John Ginnelly 21pts (L.6)
CSS: 39pts

29th January 2017
Winter League WK6:
1st: John Gallagher 41pts
2nd: James Mangan 40pts
CSS: 37pts

22nd January 2017
Winter League WK5:
1st: Peter Mulry 42pts (B.9)
2nd: John Ginnelly 42pts
CSS: 39pts

15th January 2017
Winter League WK4:
1st: Brendan Reilly 41pts (B.9)
2nd: John Gallagher 41pts
CSS: 39pts

8th January 2017
Winter League WK3:
1st: Jim Brown 43pts
2nd: Gerry Lavelle 41pts
CSS: 39pts