Winter Rules no more....   03/05/2018

Winter rules which came into operation on November 16th last will cease as of this evening Friday 4th May.

The ball will now be played as it it lies until winter rules are reintroduced next Autumn/Winter.

It has been decided that the embedded ball rule  be retained until further notice.

If you are dropping a ball under the embedded ball rule you must drop as close as possible to where the ball was embedded.

Now that the golfing year is getting into full swing, members and visitors alike are asked to make a concerted effort to replace divots and repair pitch marks even those that are not of their own making.

The condition of the course is not solely down to the efforts of the green-keeping team but is also a fair reflection on our member's course care, so it's imperative that members should play their part in complimenting the work of the green-keeping staff.