Winter Rules in Operation   05/11/2018

From today November 5th  Winter Rules have been introduced,until further notice.

Play for the Men from now until the 2019 Captain's Drive-In at the earliest, will be from the Yellow tees.

All competitions under these rules (as set out below) are qualifying.

1) A ball lying on a closely-mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball,the player must mark its position.Having lifted the ball he/she must place it on a spot within six inches of where the ball originally lay.

A player may place his ball only once,and it is in play when it has come to rest on the spot on which it is placed.

If a player fails to mark the position of the ball before it is lifted,he/she incurs a penalty of one stroke  (Rule 20-3d)

Please note that Preferred lies do not apply in the rough.

 2) Relief from an embedded ball in the rough. 

In accordance with Appendix 1 Part B-4 (a)  of the Rules of Golf 2012 ,{ Appendix 1,Part A-3 (a) of the Rules Of Golf 2016 } the following local rule applies...

Through the Green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitchmark in the ground may be lifted,without penalty,cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the Green.


1) A player may not take relief under this Local Rule if the ball is embedded in sand in an area that is not closely mown.(A good example of this is a ball embedded in sand, high on the hill to the right of the 11th fairway)

2) A player may not obtain relief under this Local Rule if it is clearly unreasonable for him/her to make a stroke because of interference by anything other than the condition covered by this Local Rule

It should be noted that' a ball is embedded when it lies in it's own pitchmark and part of the ball is below the level of the ground. A ball does not necessarily have to touch the soil to be embedded (eg grass or other vegetation and loose impediments and the like may intervene between the ball and the soil.

There will be a few changes (some quite considerable) to the Rules of Golf from January 1st 2019.

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