Bernie McAndrew Lady Captain 2004 and 2020   11/01/2021

The funeral Mass for our beloved Bernie was to have been streamed live on churchtv.iebelmullet but that site is currently experiencing problems.

If you would like to watch the church service it is available on  mcdonnellsfuneraldirectors facebook page.

The Mass starts at 1 PM today.

It was with profound sadness and deep deep shock that we heard the news this morning of the passing of last year's Lady Captain Bernie McAndrew.

A quiet lady ,full of discretion and integrity Bernie served as Lady Captain in 2004 and again last year,2020.

She was a great Club representative, having served in many roles in the Ladies Club throughout the years.

She will be missed by so many people, particularly by her husband Ian, her own family, her in-laws and by her wide circle of work and golfing friends.

The whole community has been rocked by the news of her death.

Below are a sample of 'happy occasions' in the Golf Club that she so enjoyed, whether accepting prizes or giving them out.

May her very gentle soul Rest in Peace.

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