Competitions: Conditions of entry & Flagstick FAQs   01/07/2020

Club competitions are resuming on Fri 3rd July but certain changes have been made to the conditions of entry due to the current Covid -19 restrictions but the changing rooms are now again open for competition entry.

The reserving of a teetime on the BRS on a 'competition day' is mandatory.

Envelopes for entry fees along with blank scorecards can be found in the  Mens changing room.

Monies should be put in an envelope with your name written on it and  put into the computer  box as was the case.

Entry fee of €8  (juniors €4) 

On completion of your round 'returned scorecards' should be entered on the computer and  put in the box beside it.

It would be preferable if one person records the scores on all scorecards in his/her group.

Please ensure that there are no more than four in the changing room at any one time, please use the hand sanitiser/gloves provided before and after computer entry.

The showering facilities remain closed for now.

Failure to:

1). Book on the BRS System  &  sign in on the Handicap Computer prior to starting.

2). Pay the appropriate entry fee.

3). Have your card signed and countersigned by a fellow competitor with your correct handicap on it

4). Have your card returned within 30 minutes of completing your round.

will result in automatic disqualification. No exceptions.

A current Handicap List is available in the changing room.

The format of the competition and the course to be played will be visible on the computer screen.

Flagstick FAQ

Q – The flagstick is lying at an angle in the hole and despite trying to centre it several times 
with my putter, it won’t stay in place for very long because of the wind. Normally I would 
just take the flag out, but my club have ruled that the flagstick must not be touched or 
removed from the hole. Can I have my fellow competitor continue to centre the flag while I 
A – Yes. The centring of the flagstick may be allowed while another player putts. In this circumstance, the fellow 
competitor is not attending the flagstick, just centring it. The person holding the flagstick with the putter must keep 
it in the centred position until ball comes to rest or until it is clear it is not going to hit the flagstick in any way.
There is no penalty if the person accidentally lets go of the flagstick in this situation. However, if the player tries to 
gain an advantage by directing the person to let go of the flagstick in another position, the player gets the General 
Penalty under Rule 13.2a. If an opponent/fellow competitor intentionally moves the flagstick to a position to affect 
where the player’s ball might go or come to rest, they get the General Penalty under Rule 8.3b.

All FAQs relating to the flagstick (until such time as we have a choice of removing it) can be found here...…..

How to view your handicap on golf net.....?

                                                                                                                  Click on the golfnet link below

For 'registered' users

Your username is your 8 digit GUI number 4216****      and   8216**** for the Ladies  followed by whatever password you chose.

Follow the 'reset password'   or   'forgotten password'  option if you haven't been there for a while.

For new users  click on golfnet  , create an account  using  your 8 digit  GUI number as your username, your pin is a four digit number on the back of your GUI card and your email address to receive an email back on how to proceed.


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