Changes to the course layout at Carne   28/02/2020

From May 1st the two nines on the Hackett Links are to be reversed so that  play will commence off what is currently the 10th tee.

This is to integrate the playing of the Wild Atlantic Dunes Links which will allow some golfers to play the WAD and some to play the Hackett Links simultaneously without much/if any crossing over or conflict. This hopefully will give visitors the option of playing two different courses which will result in them bringing in more revenue and hopefully staying in the locality for a night or two.

To this end the tees on all  27 holes will be Blue White Yellow and Red and there will be new signage on tees and new directional  signage also.

As the Club are currently running low on scorecards it is an ideal opportunity not only to order new ones but to do some adjustments to the Stroke Indices as outlined by the course analysis 'thrown out' by the Genesys handicapping program.

See below the draft card  for the three courses which will be available to us from May 1st with the new stroke indices (the Ladies are currently making changes to their's)

These are a) the new routing of the Hackett Links, b) The Wild Atlantic Dunes Links (currently the Hackett 10th to 16th followed by the Kilmore 5th to 9th,followed by the Kilmore 1st-4th followed by the Hackett 17th & 18th) and c) The' Kilmore' Links currently the Kilmore Nine and the Hackett front nine.

The latter could be used on the very odd occasion that the current Hackett Back nine needed to be rested or maintenance works carried out on them.

The new cards are all in yards and the stone markers on the fairways are now yards to the centre of the green. Red  100yards,  White 150 yards, Yellow 200 yards and Blue 250 yards.

The handicapping system is changing in November so we have been advised by the G.U.I not to put the SSS (which will be defunct) of the courses on the card or indeed the Slopes and Course Ratings of each course.  A notice in the Clubhouse/Golf Shop will suffice.

It is envisaged that the Club will still opt to play most competitions on the Hackett Links but there are extra options available to us from May.

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