Keeping us all safe on the course   08/07/2019

With an increasing number of new members and junior members in recent times , now is a good time to remind all members about safety on the course.

This relates to issues from driving buggies safely and at an appropriate speed for the terrain to striking the golf ball and being aware of all things around you.

An inexperienced golfer or golf spectator has no idea that the ball may sometimes come off the hozel of the club, (that's the bit of the shaft that goes down into the Clubface) and shoot almost at 90 degrees right for a right handed player. Other shots may come off the toe or the heel of the Club although the latter usually inflicts pain, only on the perpetrator.

This self-infliction usually only happens once !  unlike the dreaded shank or socket which can appear at any time and always when you don't expect it.

Therefore the only safe place to stand when someone is playing a shot is behind the ball. 

And players should always be aware of other golfers playing adjacent or other holes nearby and if you, yourself 'hit a loose one' always always shout 'FORE'.

Sincerest apologies to all those that know what a shank is & what a shank feels like ….  and particularly to the repeat offenders.

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