The 2018 Twos Competition- a summary   07/01/2019

The Twos competition  for 2018 concluded on December 31st with the last of the 35 Golfer of the Year singles competitions.

Stats for 2018 are as follows...

171 twos or better were recorded, an average of 4.9  per competition.        (122  in  2017)

There was one ace, Martin Cosgrove's hole in 1 at the second.

There was one eagle two, Kevin Padden's at the first.

Damien Murphy's total of 11 birdie twos won the competition with Martin Cosgrove and John Hanley next with 8 apiece.

The competition with the most twos, was the Captain's Prize with 12 on the day.

Hole by Hole , the breakdown was 

Hole 2        41 birdies  (29 in 2017)    Hole  7    31  birdies  (26)    Hole 14    45  birdies  (24)   Hole 16    53  birdies  (43)

Full record is available on the GOTY TWOS  tab (until the 2019 GOTY campaign begins) on the Mens Club dropdown menu. 

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