Spectacular post-drought aerial shots of Carne   20/06/2018

There are some amazing aerial photographs of Carne now available in the Photo Gallery.

These show the vastness of the  Carne complex and the spectacular topography of the Links which is further enhanced by the drought conditions of the previous three weeks

which has led to forty shades of green and others !.

Many many thanks to Kenneth Faherty and his good lady Emma (and the drone !) who took and edited the footage.

All the shots were taken on the day after the Pro-Am (June 18th) and the majority from about 300 metres up.

(Ken is obviously as good a pilot on terra firma as he is in the air)

I have deliberately left most of them untitled so you can have fun trying to identify ' what's what'  and  'where's where'.

You should  open them on your Laptop or PC , the phone doesn't really do them justice.

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