Golfer of the Year Twos... Final result and yearly data.   27/12/2017

There were 122 birdie twos recorded in the 2017 Golf of the Year Competitions.

The tally hole by hole is ...

29 at the second hole 

26 at the seventh

24 at the fourteenth   and

43 at the sixteenth.

Seán O Coisdealbha had a hole in one at the 14th but not in a GOTY competition and there was no eagle two this year.

Francis Healy was the inaugural winner of the Twos competition with 7 of them, two ahead of Danny Malone and Peter Mulry.

Francis,Peter,Cormac O Muirithe and Coilín Faherty were the only ones to birdie all four of the par threes. 

All info on the twos can be found on the GOTY Twos link on the Mens Club Dropdown Menu.

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