2017 GrĂ¡inne Uaile ...Mulranny take the honours   25/09/2017

The third and final leg of the Mens Gráinne Uaile competition was held yesterday at Achill Island Golf Club. On a beautiful day when Keel was seen at it's best we could make no impression on Mulranny's lead and indeed slipped into third position as Achill overtook us thanks in part to a phenomenal 51 points  score from Patrick Grealis and Noel Cooney. 

Best on the day for Belmullet were scores of 41 points from the Captain and Peter Mulry,  Damien Murphy and Francis Healy and Martin Cosgrove and Danny Malone.

This was Mulranny's first win in thirteen years and they were rightly overjoyed.

Final scores were

Mulranny     725.5  points           Belmullet    687  points        Achill         692   points

Next year's rota is Achill, Mulranny and finally Belmullet.

The second leg of the 2017 Men's Gráinne Uaile was held yesterday at Carne on a very difficult day with frequent squally showers and a 'three club' wind to take into account.

Understandably the scores were much lower than in the first leg except for one notable exception, the 39 points recorded by John Hanley and Jim Brown who were winners on the day.

Runners up on 37 points were Richard Keane and Tom Browne from Mulranny.

Achill were the team to suffer most in the conditions and they will need a huge performance to overtake Mulranny in the final leg in Keel in two weeks time.

For our part Belmullet stayed in the hunt with a decent team performance and have an outside chance of lifting the trophy in Achill.

The scores after Day two are as follows ...

Mulranny     458.5  points           Belmullet     452  points        Achill       423.5  points

The first leg of the 2017 Mens Gráinne Uaile was held yesterday at Mulranny Golf Club on a foggy morning that brightened up as the day went on  and became very warm in the early afternoon.

The scoring was also quite hot with the best scores on the day coming from two Mulranny pairings on 46 and 45 points.

Best of the Belmullet scores was John Hanley and Jim Brown with 44 points.

After Day 1 the team scores are as follows....

Mulranny     254  points           Belmullet     245.5  points        Achill       241.5  points

The second leg will be played at Carne next Sunday September 10th with teetimes between 0932 and 1120

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