Ladies Results

Ladies Results 2020

S.S.S of the Course  = 73 (or 36  points) 

C.S.S may vary from 72 (37 points) to 75 (34 points)

and 75 (34 points) Reduction Only

10th October 2020

Swanick Family Practice

1st Marie Cuffe 39pts

2nd Ashling Fingleton 38pts

3rd Sarah McGuire 37pts

F9 Kay Keogan 17pts

B9 Bernie McAndrew 18pts

CSS 73

3rd October 2020

Eddie Cuffe Memorial

1st Eimear Gilroy 40pts

2nd Ann  35pts

3rd Kay Keogan 34pts

CSS 74

19th September 2020

Talbot Hotel

1st Eimear Gilroy 35pts

2nd Marie Cuffe 34pts

3rd Ann McGarry 33pts

F9 Ailish Barrett 19pts

B9 Rita Walsh 19pts

CSS 75 Reduction only

13th September 2020

Lady Captains Prize (Bernie McAndrew)

1st Eimear Gilroy 32pts

2nd Aisling Fingleton 30pts

Gross Ann McGarry 11 gross points

3rd Kay Keogan 27pts (BB9)

4th Sheila Tallott 27pts

F9 Marie Cuffe 18pts

B9 Helen Comiskey 12pts

Past Captains Prize Ailish Barrett 25pts

Longest Drive Ailish Barrett

Nearest the pin Rita Walsh

CSS 75 Reduction only

29thAugust 2020

Cuffes Centra

1st Helen Comiskey 33pts

2nd Ailish Barrett 29pts

3rd Ann McGarry 27pts

CSS 74 Reduction only

23rd August 2020

The Presidents Prize (Mrs Sheila Tallott)

1st  Ashling Fingleton 43pts

2nd Marie Cuffe 34pts

3rd Ann McGarry 33pts

F9 Helen Comiskey 19pts

B9 Bernie McAndrew 15pts

CSS 74

18th August 2020

Lir Clubhouse Bar & Restaurant

1st Ann McGarry 33pts

2nd Mary finlay 33pts

CSS 75 Reduction only

8th August 2020

Shevlin Furniture

1st Aisling Fingleton 37pts

2nd Rita Walsh 36pts

3rd Mary Finlay 31pts

CSS 72

3rd August 2020

Fergal & Marie Ruane

1st Mary Finlay Geoghegan 41pts

2nd Marie Cuffe 37pts

3rd Sheila Tallott 35pts

F9 Bernie McAndrew 19pts

B9 Kathleen lynskey 19pts

CSS 72

1st August 2020

Erris Heating

1st Ann McGarry 32pts

2nd Helen Comiskey 31pts

CSS 75 Reduction only

28th July 2020

Careys Newsagents

1st Bernie McAndrew 34pts

CSS 75 Reduction only

 21st July 2020

Winters Plant Hire

1st Kathleen Lynskey 37pts

2nd Rita Walsh 34pts (BB9)

3rd Bernie McAndrew 34pts

CSS 75 

 18th July 2020

 Udaras Na Gaeltachta

 1st Andrea Boyd 41pts

 2nd Helen Comiskey 35pts

 3rd Ann McGarry 33pts

 F9 Bernie McAndrew 18pts

 B9 Kathleen Lynskey 16pts

 CSS 74

11th July 2020

Seamus Duffy Irish life

1st Marie Cuffe 39pts

2nd Aisling Fingleton 38pts

3rd Helen Comiskey 37pts (BB9)

F9 Bernie McAndrew 21pts

B9 Ann McGarry 17pts

CSS 71

4 July 2020

Club Competition

1st Ann McGarry 34pts (BB9)

2nd Assumpta Guilfoyle 34pts

3rd Marie Cuffe 32pts

CSS 73

22nd March 2020

Lavelles Pharmacy

1st Marie Cuffe 34pts

2nd Geraldine Gallagher 30pts

CSS 74 Reduction only


28/5/2019   Joe Shevlin Ltd

1st  Delia Garvin        77 

2nd  Bernie McAndrew     78

CSS  75

25&26/5/2019 Shevlins Furniture 

1st  Helen Comiskey     37  points

2nd Kay Keogan           36  points

3rd Kathleen Lynskey  34  points

CSS  72

21/5/2019  O Raghaillighs Bar

1st Kay Keogan           44  points

2nd Geraldine Gallgher 36  points

3rd Kathleen Lynskey

F9 Marie Cuffe   23 points

B9 Ailish Barrett   17  points

CSS  72

18&19/5/2019  Reilly's Pharmacy

1st Ailish Barrett      43  points

2nd  Delia Garvin      42  points

3rd  Aisling Fingleton  39  points

F9    Eimear Gilroy      20 points

B9   Ann McGarry       19  points

CSS 72 

14/5/2019  RW Bookmakers

1st Sheila Tallott       71

2nd Kay Keogan        74 (BB9)

3rd  Rita Walsh          74

CSS 71 

6/5/2019  OD's Bar

1st  Geraldine Gallagher    39  points

CSS  72

4&5/5/2019  Carrs Meats

1st  Sheila Tallott     

CSS  72  

30/4/2019  Udarás na Gaeltachta

1st   Helen Comiskey         80  nett

2nd  Sheila Tallott              80 nett

3rd  Ann McGarry              83  nett

CSS  75  reduction only

27/04/19 Mangans Furniture
1st Marie Cuffe 35pts (bb9)
2nd Eimear Gilroy 35pts
CSS 75 reduction only

22/04/19 Lunasa
1st Maeve Glackin 35pts
2nd Helen Comiskey 33pts
3rd Kay Keogan 32pts
CSS 75 reduction only

20/04/19 Talbot Hotel
1st Geraldine Gallagher 42pts
2nd Rita Walsh 38pts
3rd Ailish Barrett 37pts  (bb9)
F9 Sheila Tallott 19pts
B9 Helen Comiskey 17pts
CSS 72

16/04/19 Club
1st Marie Cuffe 71 nett
2nd Helen Comiskey 78 nett
CSS 75 reduction only

09/04/19 Winters Plant Hire
1st. Rita Walsh 36 pts
2nd Marie Cuffe 35 pts
CSS 72

06/04/19 Hegartys Gift Shop

1st Ashling Fingleton 36pts
2nd Geraldine Gallagher 33pts
3rd Kay Keogan 32pts
CSS 75 reduction only

23/03/19 Club Competition
1st Delia Garvin 32 pts (bb9)
CSS 75 reduction only

2018 Results

Sun 22nd July 2018

Assumpta Guilfoyle's Lady Captains Prize

1st  Geraldine Gallagher         37  points

2nd  Margaret Cannon             33 points

Best Gross      Ann McGarry    15 points

3rd  Helen Comiskey          33  points

4th Kay Keogan               32  points

Past Captain     Kathleen Lynskey        30  points

Front Nine           Pauline Mangan      16  points

Back Nine     Delia Garvin         16  points

Nearest the Line      Geraldine Gallagher

Nearest the Pin        Pauline Mangan 

C.S.S      72     (37  Points)

Ladies Results  2017

Sun 27th August

Mens Captain's Prize to the Ladies

1st  Assumpta Guilfoyle      37  points

2nd  Geraldine Gallagher   35  points

3rd  Helen Comiskey         33 points

F9  Kay Keogan               19 points

B9  Delia Garvin               17 points

C.S.S   72  (37 points)

Tues 22nd August

Club Competition

1st  Geraldine Gallagher   76  nett

C.S.S  72

Tues 15th August

Carey's Newsagents

1st   Kay Keogan            76  nett

2nd  Rosemary  Kirwan   78  nett

C.S.S  75  

Sat 12th August

Assumpta Guilfoyle

1st  Pauline Mangan  34  points

2nd  Eimear Gilroy    31  points

3rd  Ann McGarry    30  points

C.S.S  74  (35 points)

Tues  7th August

Teach John Joe

1st   Maeve Glackin   36  points

2nd Helen Comiskey  32  points

C.S.S  75  (34  points)

Sat  5th August

Spa Elysium

1st   Mary  Earley         75  nett

2nd  Pauline Mangan   78   nett

3rd   Mary Finlay Geoghegan  78  nett

F9  Ann McGarry            40.5  nett

B9  Rita Walsh           36  nett

C.S.S   74

Tues 1st August

Winters Plant Hire

1st   Rita Walsh            37  points

2nd  Helen Comiskey   31  points

3rd  Joan Sexton          31  points

F9 Pauline Mangan      18  points

B9  Ann McGarry        14  points

C.S.S  74   (35  points)

Sun 31st July

Lady Captain's Prize  (Ms Helen Comiskey)

1st  Rita Walsh                  36  points

2nd  Pauline Mangan          36  points

Gross: Ann McGarry         16  points

3rd  Eimear Gilroy              32  points

4th  Marie Cuffe                31  points

F9  Assumpta Guilfoyle      17  points

B9 Maeve Glackin             15 points

Past Capt   Kay Keogan    29  points

Visitors      Mary Glackin    26  points

Long Drive  Marie Cuffe    337  yards

Nearest Pin   Marguerite Scanlon    40 cm

Junior   Maureen Harding

C.S.S  74  (35  points )

Tues 25th July


1st  Eimear  Gilroy   38  points

2nd  Helen Comiskey  34  points

3rd  Mary Earley   34  points

C.S.S  72  ( 37 points )

Sat 22nd July

Pauline Mangan

1st  Kathleen Lynskey   33  points

2nd  Ann McGarry      32  points

3rd Helen Comiskey    32 points

Front Nine  Ailish  Barrett   15 points

Back Nine  Bernie McAndrew   16 points

C.S.S       75    (34  points)

Tues 18th July

O'Ds Carry Out

1st  Ann McGarry   69  

2nd  Pauline Mangan  80

3rd  Mary Earley     81

Front Nine  Caroline Egan  36

Back Nine  Rita Shevlin Walsh   39

C.S.S        74

Sat 15th July


1st   Rita  Shevlin Walsh   33 points

2nd Helen Comiskey      33  points

3rd  Kay Keogan         28  points

C.S.S  74   (35 points)

Tues 11th July

Hegarty's Gift Shop

1st  Rita Shevlin Walsh    72

2nd Delia  Garvin        77

3rd  Pauline Mangan    78

Front Nine   Geraldine Gallagher 

Back Nine  Joan Sexton

C.S.S       75

Tues 27th June

Cuffe's Centra

1st Ann McGarry         75

2nd  Caroline Egan     76

3rd  Rita Walsh           77

C.S.S  74

Sat 24th June 

 Marguerite Scanlon

1st  Bernie McAndrew    36  points

2nd Helen Comiskey      32 points

3rd Ailish Barrett            31  points

Front 9  Sheila Tallott     15 points

Back 9  Delia Garvin       17 points 

C.S.S  75  (34 pts)

Tues 20th June

Eileen Shaw

1st     Eimear Gilroy     78

2nd    Ger Gallagher      79

3rd     Rosemary Kirwin  80

C.S.S   75   R/O

Tues 13th June

BOSH Bar & Restaurant

1st  Caroline Egan      33 points

2nd  Rita Walsh       32  points

C.S.S    74   (35 pts)

Mon 5th June

Sheer Elegance

1st   Geraldine Gallagher  33 pts

2nd   Rita Walsh    32  pts

C.S.S 73  (36 pts)

Sat 3rd June

Carrs Meats

1st  Rita Walsh    35  pts  (BB9)

2nd Marie Cuffe  35  pts

C.S.S  73  (36 pts)

Tues 23rd May

Clubhouse Bar & Restaurant

1st Eimear Gilroy  77

2nd  Mary Earley  78

C.S.S  75

Tues 16th May

Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

1st  Caroline Egan  78

2nd  Pauline Mangan  82

3rd   Joan Sexton  84

Front 9 Ann McGarry 

Back 9  Marie Cuffe

C.S.S.  75  Reduction Only

Tues 9th May

Club Competition

1st   Helen Comiskey    65

C.S.S 73


Sat 10th Sept 2016
Udaras na Gaeltachta


Tues 6th Sept
Bridie Healy
1st Ann McGarry 33 points
2nd Mary Earley 32 points
3rd for GOTY points Pauline Mangan 32 points

C.S.S 74 (35 points)

Sat 3rd Sept
Club Competition
1st Mary Earley 36 points
2nd Kay Keogan 34 points (BB9)

C.S.S 71 (38 points)

Tues 30th Aug
Reillys Pharmacy (Kenny Concannon)
1st Helen Comiskey 73 nett
2nd Mary Earley 79 nett
3rd for Stroke player of the year : Pauline Mangan 80 nett

C.S.S 75

27th Aug
Lavelles Pharmacy
1st Ann McGarry 35 points
2nd Pauline Mangan 35 points
3rd for GOTY points : Kay Keogan 29 points

C.S.S: 72 ( 37 Points )

Tues 23rd Aug
Brona's Hair Salon
1st Helen Comiskey 75 nett
2nd Ann McGarry 75 nett
3rd for stroke player of the year purposes: Mary Earley 76 nett

C.S.S: 72

Tues 16th Aug
Carey's Newsagents
1st Bernie McAndrew 72 nett
2nd Mary Earley 75 nett (Back 9)
3rd for stroke player of the year purposes : Linsey De Burgh Whyte 75 nett

C.S.S. 71

Mon 1 Aug
Teach John Joe
1st Rosemary Kirwan 39 points
2nd Helen Comiskey 32 points

C.S.S 74 (35 points)

Sat 30th July
Winters Plant Hire
1st  Margaret Parsons 33 points
2nd Kay Keogan 32 points

C.S.S 74 ( 35 points )

Tues 19th July
1st Kathleen Lynskey 75 nett
2nd Ann McGarry 78 nett
3rd Bernie McAndrew 82 nett

C.S.S 75 R/O

Sat 16th July
1st Eimear Gilroy 34 points
2nd Bernie McAndrew 32 points

C.S.S 74 (35 points)

Tues  12th July
Hegarty's on the Diamond
1st Bernie McAndrew 81
2nd Pauline Mangan 82
3rd  Mary Earley                83

C.S.S  75   (R/O)

Sun 10th July
Captains Prize
1st Kay Keogan 34 points
2nd Eimear Gilroy 33 points
Gross Ailish Barrett
3rd Kathleen Lynskey 33 points
4th Marie Cuffe 31 points
Front 9 Bridie Healy 18 points
Back 9 Delia Garvin 17 points
Past Capt Ann McGarry
Longest Drive Bridie Healy
Nearest Pin Bridie Healy

C.S.S. 75 (34 points)

Tues 28th June
Cuffes Centra

1st Bernie McAndrew 70
2nd Marie Cuffe 77
3rd Ann McGarry 79
Front 9 Joan Sexton
Back 9 Kay Keogan

C.S.S 74

Sun 26th June
Mr Seamus Cafferkys Presidents Prize

1st Marie Cuffe 35 points
2nd  Kay Keogan 33 points
3rd Kathleen Lynskey 32 points
Front 9 Mary Earley 18 points
Back 9 Bernie McAndrew 15 points

C.S.S 75 R/O (34 points)

Mon 6th June
Sheer Elegance

1st Linsey de Burgh Whyte 42 points
2nd   Kay Keogan 38 points (Back 9)
3rd Ann McGarry 38 points

C.S.S 72 (37 points)

Sat Sat 31st May
Mangans Furniture

1st     Kay Keogan 74 ( Back 9 )
2nd   Delia Garvin 74
3rd Ailish Barrett ( for Strokeplayer of the Year purposes )

C.S.S 72

Sat 23rd May
Venus Beauty Salon

1st Delia Garvin 79
2nd Fiona Ryan 80

C.S.S   75

Sat 14th May
Club Competition

1st Kay Keogan       37 pts
nd Pauline Mangan  34  pts

C.S.S  72     (37 points)

Sat  16th April
Swanick Family Practice

1st  Helen Comiskey   29  pts
2nd  Pauline Mangan    28 pts

C.S.S   75   (34 points) R/O

Sat 2nd April
McDonnells Bar

1st  Linsey de Burgh Whyte   34 pts
2nd  Kay Keogan    30  pts

C.S.S  73    (36 points)

Fri 25th March
Erris Tourism Open

1st    Linsey deBurgh Whyte 29 pts
2nd   Helen Comiskey   27 pts
3rd Kay Keogan 21 pts
F9 Marie Cuffe 12 pts
B9 Assumpta Guilfoyle 9 pts

C.S.S 75 R/O ( 34 pts)

Thurs 17th March
Carrs Meats

1st    Eimear Gilroy 37 pts
2nd   Kay Keogan 31 pts

C.S.S    75  R/O  ( 34 pts)

Saturday 12th March
Bee Green Cleaners

1st Joan Sexton 34 pts

C.S.S 73 ( 36 pts)

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