Mens Results

Results 2018 
Golfer of the Year 2018
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22nd April 2018
Club 18H Stb:
1st: David Hurst 35pts (B.9)  
2nd: Danny Malone 35pts
CSS: 35pts

15th April 2018 
Erris Home Improvements 18H Stb:
1st: Donal Shine 34pts
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 32pts (B.9)
3rd: James McGuire 32pts (B.9)
F.9: Cormac O Muirithe 18pts  
B.9Mark Irwin 19pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

8th April 2018
John Lennon Transport:
1st: Danny Malone 68 (B.9)  
2nd: Ed McAndrew 68  
3rd: Damien Murphy 70 (B.9)  
F.9: Mark Irwin 32.0 (L.6)
B.9: Kevin Barrett 35.5  
CSS: 72

1st April 2018
Talbot Hotel Open:
1st: Michael J Gruddy 39pts  
2nd: Gerry Maguire 38pts
3rd: Noel McLoughlin 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Damien Murphy 21pts  
B.9: Mark Irwin 19pts
CSS: 35pts

31st March 2018
Udaras Na Gaeltachta Open:
1st: Ciaran Todd (Heritage GC) 41pts  
2nd: Shane Tynan (Galway Bay GC) 37pts
3rd: John D Hanley 36pts
F.9: Donal Shine 19pts  
B.9: Ronan Gaughan 17pts  
CSS: 35pts

30th March 2018
Bee Green Cleaners:
1st: Kevin Donnelly 40pts
2nd: David Gaughan 38pts
3rd: Damien Murphy 35pts
CSS: 35pts

18th March 2018
TJ Lennon Quarries 18H Stroke:
1st: Damien Murphy 76
2nd: Ronnie McDonnell 78 (B.9)
3rdJames McGuire 78
F.9: Mark Irwin 35.5
B.9Frank Healy 40.0 (L.6)
CSS: 74 Reduction only

11th March 2018
PJ Carey 18H Stb:
1st: John D Hanley 40pts
2nd: Sean O Coisdealbha 38pts
3rdMichael Gaughan 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Martin Cosgrove 19pts (L.6)
B.9: Ronan Gaughan 21pts
CSS: 36pts

25th February 2018
Mayo Beverages:
1st: Noel Conroy  40pts (B.9)  
2nd: John Ginnelly 40pts
3rd: John Hanley 39pts  
F.9: Mark Irwin 19pts
B.9: Gary Stanley 20pts  
CSS: 37pts

Winter League 2017/18:
Winners:  Coilin Faherty + John D Hanley
Runners Up: Tom Gruddy + Michael J Gruddy
Beaten Semi-Finalists: David Gaughan + Sean Gaughan, Peter Mulry + Danny Malone

18th February 2018
Cara Iorrais 4BBB:
1stBrendan Reilly + John Lennon 44pts
2ndHughie Carey + Ivan Griffin 43pts

11th February 2018
Erris Wheelchair Association 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 33pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

4th February 2018
MullLavelle 18H Stb:
1st: Gerry Lavelle 44pts
2nd: Eamon Mangan 43pts
3rdNoel Conroy 41pts (B.9)
F.9: James Mangan 24pts
B.9: John Gallagher 21pts
CSS: 39pts

28th January 2018
Winter League WK6:
1st: M.J. Gruddy 38pts
2ndJohn Lennon 37pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

21st January 2018
Winter League WK5:
1st: John Hanley 38pts
2ndGary Stanley 37pts
CSS: 36pts 

14th January 2018
Winter League WK4:
1st: M.J. Gruddy 39pts
2ndKevin Barrett  38pts
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

7th January 2018
Winter League WK3:
1st: PJ Carey 40pts (B.9)
2ndJohn D Hanley 40pts
CSS: 39pts

New Year's Day 14H Scramble:
Winners: Michael Shevlin,Seán Gaughan,Seán McAndrew and Helen Comiskey 46.2

Results 2017
Golfer of the Year 2017
Stroke Player of the Year 2017

31st December 2017
Club 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 40pts  
2nd: Michael Shevlin 37pts (B.9)
CSS: 40pts

28th December 2017
Guinness Open:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 38pts
2nd: John Hanley 37pts  
CSS: 36pts

27th December 2017
Ulster Bank Open:
1st: David Hurst 37pts
2nd: Cormac O Muirithe 37pts (Junior)  
3rdJohnny Leonard 36pts (Enniscrone))
F.9: Peter Mulry 17pts (L.6)
B.9Mark Irwin 16pts
CSS: 37pts

26th December 2017
Reilly Chemists( Kenny Concannon):
1st: PJ Carey 40pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 37pts (B.9)  
3rd: Barry McAndrew 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Nathan Ruddy 23pts
B.9Kieran Lally 22pts
CSS: 37pts

17th December 2017
Broadhaven Bay Hotel 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 44pts
2nd: Kevin Conroy 40pts (B.9)  
3rd: Hughie Carey 40pts
F.9: John Hanley 21pts
B.9: David Hurst 22pts
CSS: 39pts

10th December 2017
X'mas Hamper 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 40pts (B.9)
2nd: Jim Brown 40pts (L.6)
3rd: Padraig Lynskey 40pts
Cat 1: Brendan Keane 39pts
Cat 2: Michael J Gruddy 38pts
F.9Nathan Ruddy 22pts
B.9: PJ Carey 21pts
CSS: 38pts

3rd December 2017
Winter League WK2:
1st: John Doherty 42pts
2ndJohn Hanley 41pts
CSS: 39pts

26th November 2017
Winter League WK1:
1st: John Lennon 45pts
2ndSean O Coisdealbha 40pts
CSS: 38pts

19th November 2017
Tony McKenzie, Bangor:
1st: Barry McAndrew 47pts
2nd: John Doherty 44pts
3rd: Kevin Padden 41pts      
F.9: Coilin Faherty 21pts (L.6)
B.9: Brendan Reilly 21pts
CSS: 39pts

12th November 2017
Winters Plant Hire 18H Stb:
1st: Noel Reilly 37pts
2nd: Sean Gaughan 36pts (B.9)  
3rd: John Hanley 36pts  
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 18pts
B.9: Michael Gaughan 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 36pts Reduction only

5th November 2017
Vice Captains Prize:
1st: Kevin Donnelly 68    
2nd: David Gaughan 69 (B.9)  
3rd: John Ginnelly 69 (B.9)
F.9: Ivan Griffin 29.5
B.9: Ed McAndrew 33.5  
CSS: 70

30th October 2017
PJ McHale 18H Stroke:
1st: Michael Gaughan 70    
2nd: Gerry Maguire 72 (B.9)  
3rd: Kevin Donnelly 72 (B.9)
F.9: John Hanley 34
B.9: David Hurst 35.5  
CSS: 72

29th October 2017
Tommy McHugh Accountants Open:
1st: Vincent Fahy 40pts
2nd: Pat Reidy 38pts (B.9)
3rd: David Gaughan 38pts (L.2)  
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 20pts
B.9: Jim Brown 20pts
CSS: 37pts

28th October 2017
Kevin Kennedy Motors Open:
1st: David Hurst 37pts
2nd: Jim Brown 35pts (B.9)
3rd: David Gaughan 35pts  
F.9: Danny Malone 21pts  
B.9: Noel Reilly 20pts
CSS: 35pts

15th October 2017 
Cuffes Centra:
1st: Frank Healy 41pts
2nd: Martin Cosgrove 38pts (B.9)
3rd: John Hanley 38pts  
F.9: Gary Oliver 18pts (L.3)  
B.9: Ivan Griffin 21pts
CSS: 34pts

1st October 2017
George Reilly Memorial:
1st: Ed McAndrew 33pts  
2nd: David Gaughan 32pts (B.9)
3rd: Vincent Keane 32pts (L.6)
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 19pts
B.9: Martin Cosgrove 16pts (L.6)  
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

24th Sept 2017 
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Mark Irwin 39pts
2nd: Padraig Lynskey 36pts  
F.9: Donal Shine 19pts  
B.9: John Ginnelly  20pts
CSS: 36pts

18th Sept 2017 
Artec Construction:
1st: Noel Reilly 67
2nd: Damien Murphy 70
3rd: Frank Healy 72  
F.9: Sean McAndrew 36  
B.9: John Hanley 35.5
CSS: 72

10th Sept 2017 
Club 18H Stb. 
1st: Sean McAndrew 37pts
2nd: Gary Todd 23pts
CSS: 34pts

3rd Sept 2017 
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 41pts
2nd: Kevin Barrett 38pts (B.9)  
F.9: Sean O Coisdealbha 21pts  
B.9: Peter Mulry 20pts
CSS: 37pts

27th Aug 2017
Lady Captains Prize to the Men. 
1st: Kevin Padden 34pts (L.6)
2nd: Danny Glackin 34pts
3rd:  Gary Stanley 32pts (L.6)
F.9: Martin Mylotte 19pts  
B.9: Jim Brown 17pts
CSS: 32pts

20th Aug 2017
Paddy Lavelle Memorial 2017. 
1st: Vincent Keane 36pts
2nd: David Gaughan 36pts ( B.9)
3rd:  Cormac O' Muirithe 36pts
F.9: Brendan Reilly  22pts  
B.9: Ed McAndrew 18pts (L.3)
CSS: 36pts

13th Aug 2017 
The Marty Gaughan Memorial:
1st: Ed McAndrew 67
2nd: John Hanley 68 (B.9)
3rd:  Peter Mulry 68  
Cat(0-17): Sean O Coisdealbha 69  
Cat(18-28): Dermot Butler 70  
F.9: Darragh O Muirithe 29.5
B.9: Gary Stanley 34.5
Nearest Pin  Dermot Butler
Long Drive  Kevin Donnelly
CSS: 72

6th and 7th August 2017
Hughie Carey 36H Stableford:
1st: Martin Cosgrove 73pts
2nd: Jim Brown 69pts
3rd: John Hanley 68pts (Best Mon)
Cat 0-17: Frank Healy 68pts
Cat 18-28: Kevin Conroy 65pts
Best Sunday: Ronan Gaughan 35pts
Best Monday: Danny Malone 41pts
CSS: Sun=34pts Reduction only. Mon=37pts

5th August 2017
Jackie and Patricia Coyle:
1st: PJ Carey 38pts (B.9)
2nd: James Mangan 38pts  
3rd: Nick Mastoni 37pts  
CSS: 37pts

30th July 2017
The Captains Prize (Mr Gerry Maguire):
1st:  Tom McAndrew 57pts
2nd: John D Hanley 55.5pts
GrossJohn Boyd 43pts  
3rd: Leonard Shevlin 53.5pts
4th: John Kilker 53pts
Cat 1: Jim Brown 52.5pts
Cat 2: Jerry Foley 51.5pts
Cat 3: Patrick Lavelle 47pts
Best Qualifier: Gerard McDonnell 37pts
Past Captain: Donal Shine 51pts
Best Senior: Ed McAndrew 50pts
Best Beginner: Martin Cosgrove 50.5pts
F.9:  Kevin Barrett 20pts
B.9:  John Hanley 21pt
T.9: Brendan Keane 16.5pts
CSS: 35pts
1st:  Darragh O' Muirithe 49.5pts
2ndCormac O' Muirithe 46.5pts
3rd: Sean Lavelle 45.5pts
CSS: 36pts
1stPaedar Mulry 34.5 nett

23rd July 2017
Shevlins Complete Furnishings:
1st: David Hanley 66  
2nd  David Gaughan 64 (Junior)  
3rd: Danny Malone 67 (B.9)
F.9: Gerry Maguire 29.0
B.9: John Ginnelly 34.5  
CSS: 71

Frank McGuire Memorial 2017. 
1st: John Hanley 40pts
2nd: John Kilker 38pts ( B.9)
3rd:  Danny Malone 38pts
F.9: Vincent Fahy 19pts (L.3)  
B.9: Vincent Hanley 23pts
CSS: 35pts

9th July 2017 
The Presidents Prize(Mrs Ailish Barrett). 
1st: Damien Murphy 38pts
2nd: Danny Malone 37pts (B.9)
Gross: Kevin Donnelly 29pts
3rd:  John D Hanley 37pts (B.9)  
4th:  David Hurst 37pts
Cat(0-16): John Gallagher 36pts (B.9)  
Cat(17-28): Ivan Griffin 35pts (L.6)  
F.9: Antony Healy 21pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 19pts (L.2)
1st: David Gaughan 39pts (B.9)
2nd: Cormac Murray 39pts
CSS: 37pts

2nd July 2017 
Billy McAndrew Memorial 18H Stb:
1st: Eamon Mangan 40pts
2nd: Vincent Fahy 38pts
3rd: Cormac O' Muirithe 37pts (L.6)  
F.9: Declan Healy 20pts (L.6)
B.9Gary Todd 20pts
CSS: 36pts

25th June 2017
Swanick Family Practice 18H Stroke:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 67    
2nd: Gerard McDonnell 69  
3rd: John Ginnelly 70  
F.9: Ed McAndrew 32
B.9: Ollie Munnelly Jnr 34  
CSS: 72

15th June 2017
Gerry Lavelle Painting & Decorating Open:
1st: Hughie Carey 38pts  
2nd: John Ginnelly  34pts  
3rd: John Hanley 31pts  
CSS: 34pts 

14th June 2017
Erris Tourism Open:
1st: Desmond Ryan (Deer Park) 28pts  
2nd: Peter Mulry 26pts  
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

13th June 2017
Bosh Bar & Restaurant Open:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 34pts  
2nd: Damien Murphy 32pts
3rd: John Hanley 30pts
CSS: 32pts

MacNicholas Cup Matchplay 2017 
Winner : Sean O Coisdealbha
Beaten Finalist : James Mangan
Beaten Semi-finalists :  Jim Brown and Martin Barrett
Best Qualifier John Doherty 36pts

Erris Cup Matchplay 2017 
Winner : Damien Murphy
Beaten Finalist : Vincent Keane
Beaten Semi-finalists :  David Gaughan and PJ McHale

11th June 2017
Best Bet Bookmakers:
1st: Ed McAndrew 34pts
2nd: Sean O Coisdealbha 33pts (B.9)
3rd: David Gaughan 33pts
F.9: Gerry Maguire 17pts (L.6)
B.9: Sean Gaughan 18pts
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

5th June 2017
Kevin Kenny 18H Stb:
1st: Nathan Ruddy 37pts
2nd: David Gaughan 35pts
3rd: Ivan Griffin 33pts
CSS: 36pts

4th June 2017
Teach John Joe:
1st: Sean McAndrew 36pts
2nd: David Gaughan 36pts (Junior)
3rd: Dermot Butler 34pts (B.9)
F.9: Ed McAndrew 20pts
B.9: Donal Shine 19pts
CSS: 34pts

28th May 2017
Michael McDonnell Memorial Cup:
1st: John Hanley 37pts
2nd: Danny Glackin 36pts
3rd: Damien Murphy 35pts (B.9)
F.9: Donal Shine 20pts
B.9: Leonard Shevlin 19pts (L.6)
CSS: 35pts

7th May 2017
Frank Healy 18H Stroke:
1st: Peter Mulry 70    
2nd: Cormac O'Muirithe 68 (Junior)  
3rd: David Gaughan 70  
F.9: Gerry Maguire 31.5
B.9: Ivan Griffin 36  
CSS: 72

30th April & 1st May 2017
The Club Championship :
1st: Pat McIntyre 150
2nd: David Gaughan 148
Gross: Damien Murphy 166
3rd: Martin Barrett 152
Best Sunday: John Hanley 74
Best Monday: Donal Shine 72
CSS: 76 - Day 1,   74 - Day2

23rd April 2017 
Club 18H Stb. 
1st: Gerard McDonnell 41pts
2nd: David Gaughan 45pts (Junior)

17th April 2017
Bee Green Cleaners:
1st: James McGuire 34pts (B.9)
2nd: Vincent Keane 34pts
3rd: Gary Stanley 31pts
F.9: Damien M urphy 18pts  (L.3)
B.9: Paul Ruterford 16pts

16th April 2017
Talbot Hotel Open:
1st: Vincent Keane 40pts  
2nd: John J Healy 36pts (L.3)
3rd: John D Hanley 36pts (B.9)
F.9: Gary Stanley 19pts  (L.3)
B.9: Ed McAndrew 19pts (L.3)

15th April 2017
Udaras Na Gaeltachta Open:
1st: Bernard Grimes 36pts  
2nd: Michael Shevlin 35pts (B.9)
3rd: John Doherty 35pts
F.9: Hughie Carey 20pts  
B.9: Matt Town (UK) 20pts  

14th April 2017
Erris Tourism Open:
1st: Thomas Gruddy 46pts  
2nd: Danny Malone 41pts
3rd: Tom Morrissey 39pts (Elmgreen GC)
F.9: Kevin Donnelly 19pts  
B.9: John Hanley 19pts  

9th April 2017
John Lennon Transport:
1st: Sean Gaughan 67  
2nd: Vincent Keane 68  
3rd: Jim Brown 69  
F.9: Ed McAndrew 33.5
B.9: Declan Healy 35 (L.6)  

2nd April 2017 
Erris Home Improvements 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Barrett 34pts (B.9)
2nd: Coilin Faherty 34pts
3rd: David Hurst 33pts  
F.9: James Mangan 19pts  
B.9: Donal Shine 19pts

26th March 2017
SELC 18H Stb:
1st: Kevin Padden 40pts (B.9)
2nd: David Gaughan 40pts
3rdJohn Ginnelly 39pts
F.9: Vincent Fahy 20pts (L.6)
B.9John Doherty 20pts

19th March 2017
TJ Lennon Quarries 18H Stroke:
1st: John Hanley 69 (B.9)
2nd: Vincent Fahy 69
3rdHughie Carey 71 (B.9)
F.9: Sean Gaughan 32.5
B.9David Gaughan 35.0

12th March 2017
PJ Carey 18H Stb:
1st: Sean McAndrew 38pts (B.9)
2nd: Brendan Reilly 38pts (B.9)
3rdMartin Barrett 38pts
F.9: Coilin Faherty 19pts (L.6)
B.9Pat McIntyre 21pts
4thMarch 2017
Captains Drive in. Sponsored by An Builin Bhlasta:
1st: Damien Murphy, Sean Doherty, Liam Power and Kevin Donnelly 58.6  
2nd :  Gary Stanley, Hugh Carey, Ann McGarry and Declan Healy 59.4
26th February 2017:
Mayo Beverages:
1st: Jim Brown 32pts
2nd:David Gaughan 36pts (Junior)
CSS: 36pts

Winter League 2016/17
Winners:  Vincent Keane + James Mangan
Runners Up: Peter Mulry + Cormac O'Muirithe
Beaten Semi-Finalists: David Gaughan + Brendan Reilly, Gary Stanley + Gerry Lavelle

19th February 2017
Cara Iorrais 4BBB:
1st: Dermot Butler + Kevin Barrett 45pts (B.9)
2ndPJ Carey + PJ McHale 45pts (B.9)

12th February 2017
Erris Wheelchair Association:
1st: John Gallagher 41pts
2ndFrank Healy 39pts (B.9)
CSS: 37pts

5th February 2017
Mulavelle 18H Stb:
1st: John Mangan 45pts
2nd: Liam Power 42pts
F.9: Frank Healy 21pts (L.6)
B.9: John Ginnelly 21pts (L.6)
CSS: 39pts

29th January 2017
Winter League WK6:
1st: John Gallagher 41pts
2ndJames Mangan 40pts
CSS: 37pts

22nd January 2017
Winter League WK5:
1st: Peter Mulry 42pts (B.9)
2ndJohn Ginnelly 42pts
CSS: 39pts

15th January 2017
Winter League WK4:
1st: Brendan Reilly 41pts (B.9)
2ndJohn Gallagher 41pts
CSS: 39pts

8th January 2017
Winter League WK3:
1st: Jim Brown 43pts
2ndGerry Lavelle 41pts
CSS: 39pts

Results 2016 
Golfer of the Year 2016
Stroke Player of the Year 2016

28th December 2016
Guinness Open:
1st: Michael J Gruddy 40pts
2nd: Sean McAndrew 39pts  
3rdCormac Murray 38pts
F.9: Michael Scanlon (Galway Bay) 21pts
B.9Barry Corrigan (Westport) 21pts
CSS: 38pts

27th December 2016
Ulster Bank Open:
1st: Noel Reilly 38pts
2nd: David Gaughan 40pts (Junior)  
3rdIvan Griffin 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Cormac Murray 21pts
B.9Michael Shevlin 20pts
CSS: 40pts

26th December 2016
Reilly Chemists( Kenny Concannon):
1st: Brendan Keane 38pts (B.9)
2nd: Vincent Fahy 38pts  
3rd: Jim Brown 37pts
F.9: John Lennon 20pts
B.9John Hanley 19pts
CSS: 39pts

18th December 2016
X'mas Hamper 18H Stb:
1st: Sean Gaughan 39pts
2nd: Hughie Carey 38pts  
3rd: Jim Brown 37pts (B.9)
Cat 1: Brendan Reilly 37pts (B.9)
Cat 2: Ronnie McDonnell 36pts
F.9Gary Stanley 22pts
B.9: Coilin Faherty 20pts
CSS: 37pts

11th December 2016
Broadhaven Bay Hotel 18H Stb:
1st: James Mangan 41pts (B.9)
2nd: Kevin Carey 41pts  
3rd: Kevin Traynor 40pts
F.9: Michael J Gruddy 22pts
B.9: David Hurst 21pts
CSS: 39pts

4th December 2016
Winter League WK2:
1st: John Hanley 38pts (B.9)
2ndPat McIntyre 38pts (L.3)
CSS: 39pts

27th November 2016
Winter League WK1:
1st: Vivian Healy 44pts
2ndPat McIntyre 42pts (B.9)
CSS: 39pts

20th November 2016
Gerry Maguire 18H Stb:
1st: Martin Barrett 43pts
2nd: Kevin Donnelly 42pts  
3rd: Vincent Keane 41pts (B.9)
Cat 1: Gary Stanley 41pts
Cat 2: James Mangan 38pts
F.9: Peter Mulry 20pts
B.9: John Hanley 22pts
CSS: 39pts

13th November 2016
Winters Plant Hire 18H Stb:
1st: Ivan Griffin 42pts
2nd: Pat McIntyre 40pts  
3rd: David Gaughan 38pts (B.9)  
F.9: Declan Healy 22pts
B.9: Cormac Murray 20pts
CSS: 39pts

6th November 2016
Fergus Scanlon 18H Stb:
1st: Damien Murphy 38pts
2nd: John Doherty 36pts (B.9)  
3rd: David Gaughan 36pts  
F.9: Kevin Carey 20pts
B.9: Ivan Griffin 19pts
CSS: 37pts

31st October 2016
PJ McHale, 18H Stroke:
1st: James Mangan 71  
2nd: James McGuire 73
3rd: John Hanley 75    
CSS: 74

30th October 2016
Tommy McHugh Accountants Open:
1st: Paul Rutherford 38pts (B.9)
2nd: Vincent Keane 38pts  
3rd: Kevin Padden 37pts  
F.9: Gary Stanley 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Leonard Shevlin 19pts
CSS: 35pts

29th October 2016
Kevin Kennedy Motors Open:
1st: Hughie Carey 36pts
2nd: Jim Brown 35pts (L.3)
3rd: Gerard McDonnell 35pts  
F.9: Vincent Keane 19pts  
B.9: Kevin Traynor 18pts
CSS: 36pts

16th October 2016
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Brendan Reilly 39pts  
2nd: John Doherty 36pts    
CSS: 36pts

9th October 2016 
1st: Brendan Reilly 41pts
2nd: Eamon Mangan 40pts (L.6)
3rdRay Whelan 40pts  
F.9: David Hurst 20pts (L.6)  
B.9: Dermot Butler 20pts (L.6)
CSS: 37pts

2nd October 2016 
Belmullet GAA:
1st: Gary Stanley 72 (L.6)
2nd: Sean Gaughan 72 (B.9)
3rd: Cormac Murray 72  
F.9: Ronnie McDonnell 33  
B.9: Kevin Donnelly 37.5
CSS: 72

25th September 2016Club 18H Stb:
1st: John Ginnelly 35pts (B.9)  
2nd: David Gaughan 43pts (Junior)    
CSS: 36pts

18th September 2016 
Artec Construction:
1st: Jim Brown 68
2nd: David Hurst 71
3rd: David Gaughan 74  
F.9: Damien Murphy 34  
B.9: Gary Stanley 37.5
CSS: 73

11th September 2016Club 18H Stb:
1st: Sean O'Coisdealbha 21pts  
CSS: 34pts Reduction only

4th September 2016Club 18H Stb:
1st: Sean O'Coisdealbha 38pts  
2nd: Cormac Murray 35pts    
CSS: 35pts

28th August 2016
Tony McKenzie, Singles V Par:
1st: Vincent Hanley +3 (B.9)
2nd: John Gallagher +3
3rd: Ray Whelan +2      
F.9: Cathal Doherty +2
B.9: David Gaughan +3
CSS: +1

21st Aug 2016 
The Paddy Lavelle Memorial:
1st: Ronnie McDonnell 70 (B.9)
2nd: John Hanley 70
3rd: Ray Whelan 72 (B.9)  
F.9: Cormac Murray 32.5  
B.9: Jim Brown 37.5 (L.6)
CSS: 73

14th Aug 2016 
The Marty Gaughan Memorial:
1st: Sean O'Coisdealbha 67
2nd: John Kilker 70
3rd:  Peter Mulry 71 (B.9)  
Cat(0-17): Frank Healy 71  
Cat(18-28): Richard Stich 73  
F.9: David Hurst 31.5 (L.6)
B.9: Vincent Hanley 33.5
CSS: 72

7th Aug 2016
George Reilly Memorial:
1st: Hughie Carey 34pts  
2nd: PJ Carey 33pts (B.9)  
3rd: Frank Healy 33pts  
CSS: 34pts

31st July and 1st August 2016
Hughie Carey 36H Stableford:
1st: Gerard McDonnell 84pts (Best Mon)
2nd: Frank Healy 84pts
3rd: John Hanley 75pts (Best Mon)
Cat 0-17: Peter Mulry 73pts
Cat 18-28: George Robertson 75pts
Best SundayNoel McLoughlin 42pts
Best Monday: Michael Gaughan 38pts
CSS: 37pts(Sun and Mon)

30th July 2016
Jackie and Patricia Coyle:
1st: Vincent Hanley 38pts  
2nd: Nathan Ruddy 37pts  
3rd: John Hanley 36pts (B.9)  
CSS: 37pts

24th July 2016
The Captains Prize (Mr John Gallagher):
1st:  Michael Gaughan 54pts
2nd: John Healy 52.5pts (T.9)
GrossJohn Hanley 44pts  
3rd: Danny Malone 52.5pts
4th: Brendan Keane 51.5pts
Cat 1:  Kevin Donnelly 51pts
Cat 2:  Chris Cowley 50.5pts
Cat 3: Cathal Doherty 44pts
Best Qualifier: Tom McAndrew 38pts
Past Captain: Frank Healy 48pts
Best Senior: Pat Reidy 46pts
Best Beginner: No Winner
F.9:  Eddie Killeen 20pts
B.9:  David Hanley 19pts (L.6)
T.9: Damien Murphy 15.5pts
CSS: 35pts
1st:  Jason Padden 40pts
2nd: Nathan Ruddy 36pts
3rd: David Gaughan 33pts
CSS: 37pts

Frank McGuire Memorial. 
1st: John Ginnelly 44pts
2nd: Nathan Ruddy 39pts ( B.9)
3rd:  David Gaughan 39pts
F.9: Tom McAndrew 22pts (L.6)  
B.9: Ed McAndrew 21pts
CSS: 37pts

Lady Captains Prize(Mens Section) 2016. 
1st: Peter Mulry 42pts
2nd: David Gaughan 41pts
3rd:  Jim Brown 39pts
F.9: John Wilson 19pts (L.6)  
B.9: John Hanley 21pts
CSS: 36pts

MacNicholas Cup Matchplay 2016 
Winner : Martin Barrett
Beaten Finalist : Cormac Murray
Beaten Semi-finalists :  Peter Mulry and Martin Mylotte

3rd July 2016 
Billy McAndrew Memorial. 
1st: Pat McIntyre 42pts
2nd: Donal Shine 38pts (B.9)
3rd: Cormac Murray 38pts
F.9: Eamon Mangan 21pts
B.9: Coilin Faherty 22pts  
CSS: 36pts

Erris Cup Matchplay 2016 
Winner : Vincent Keane
Beaten Finalist : Cormac Murray
Beaten Semi-finalists :  Damien Murphy and John Wilson

26th June 2016 
The Presidents Prize(Mr Seamus Cafferky). 
1st: Vincent Fahy 68
2nd: Eamon Mangan 71
Gross: Damien Murphy 77
3rd:  John F Mangan 72 (B.9)  
4th:  Jim Brown 72
Cat(0-16): Brendan Reilly 74 (B.9)  
Cat(17-28): Des Parsons 77  
F.9: Jarlath O'Connor 34
B.9: Frank Healy 36
1st: David Gaughan 74
2nd: Cormac Murray 76
CSS: 73

16th June 2016
Gerry Lavelle Painting & Decorating Open:
1st: John Hanley 36pts  
2nd: Bernard Grimes 33pts  
3rd: Donal Shine 32pts (B.9)  
CSS: 34pts Reduction Only

15th June 2016
Erris Beo Festival Open:
1st: Damien Murphy 36pts  
2nd: Hughie Carey 33pts  
CSS: 35pts

14th June 2016
Bosh Bar & Restaurant Open:
1st: John Hanley 39pts  
2nd: Damien Murphy 35pts  
CSS: 35pts

12th June 2016
Best Bet Bookmakers:
1st: Ronnie McDonnell 67    
2nd: John Doherty 69  
3rd: Vincent Hanley 70 (B.9)  
F.9: John Gallagher 32
B.9: Frank Healy 35  
CSS: 71

6th June 2016
SELC 18H Singles v Par:
1st: Jim Brown 5up  
2nd: Ivan Griffin 4up  
3rd: Hughie Carey 2up  
CSS: 2up

5th June 2016
Swanick Family Practice:
1st: David Hurst 43pts  
2nd: Padraig Lynskey 42pts  
3rd: Damien Murphy 41pts  
F.9: Brendan Keane 21pts (L.6)
B.9: Paul Rutherford 24pts (L.6)  
CSS: 38pts

29th May 2016
Michael McDonnell Memorial Cup:
1st: Tom McAndrew 40pts (B.9)
2ndNoel McLoughlin  40pts   
3rd: Sean Gaughan 39pts
F.9:  John Hanley 21pts 
B.9: Damien Murphy 22pts
CSS: 36pts

8th May 2016
Frank Healy:
1st: Jim Brown 69    
2nd: Cormac Murray 69 (Junior)  
3rd: Brendan Reilly 70  
F.9: Gerard McDonnell 29.5
B.9: John Gallagher 33  
CSS: 71

2nd May 2016
Shevlins Home Improvements:
1st: Jim Brown 33pts 
2nd: PJ Carey 30pts  
CSS34pts Reduction Only

30th April & 1st May 2016
The Club Championship :
1st: Vincent Keane 139
2nd: Noel McLoughlin 147
Gross: John Hanley 157
3rd: Coilin Faherty 148
Best Saturday: Paddy Mangan 71 (B.9)
Best Sunday: John Lennon 73 (B.9)
CSS: 73 - Day 1,   73 - Day2

24th April 2016
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Darren Faherty 36pts  
2nd: Cormac Murray 39pts (Junior)  
CSS: 37pts

17th April 2016
Kevin Kenny 18H Stb:
1st: Dermot Butler 39pts  
2nd: Danny Malone 35pts (B.9)  
3rd: John Wilson 35pts  
F.9: Ed McAndrew 18pts (L.6)
B.9: David Hurst 22pts  
CSS: 35pts

10th April 2016
John Lennon Transport:
1st: Martin Barrett 74 (B.9)  
2nd: John C Healy 74  
3rd: Kevin Donnelly 76 (B.9)  
F.9: Brendan Reilly 34.5
B.9: Ed McAndrew 37  
CSS: 74 Reduction Only

3rd April 2016
Shevlins Erris Home Improvements:
1st: Gary Stanley 42pts  
2nd: Damien Murphy 38pts (B.9)  
3rd: Donal Shine 38pts (B.9)
F.9: Eamon Mangan 22pts
B.9: Ed McAndrew 20pts (L.6)  
CSS: 37pts

28th March 2016
Leading Edge Project Directors:
1st: Pat Reidy 48pts  
2nd: John Hanley 38pts  
3rd: Michael Shevlin 37pts  
F.9: Sean McAndrew 19pts
B.9: Damien Murphy 22pts (L.6)  
CSS: 37pts

27th March 2016
Talbot Hotel Open:
1st: Ronan Gaughan 42pts  
2nd: Hughie Carey 41pts  
3rd: Ed McAndrew 39pts  
F.9: Gary Stanley 20pts (L.6)
B.9: Damien Murphy 20pts  
CSS: 37pts

26th March 2016
Udaras Na Gaeltachta Open:
1st: Ronan Gaughan 40pts  
2nd: Michael Rooney 36pts (Ardee GC)
3rd: Danny Glackin  35pts  
CSS: 35pts

25th March 2016
Erris Tourism Open:
1st: Gerry Maguire 28pts  
2nd: David Gaughan 28pts (Junior)
3rd: Peter Mulry 27pts  
F.9: Vincent Fahy 16pts  
B.9: Vincent Keane 15pts  
CSS: 34pts Reduction Only

20th March 2016
TJ Lennon Quarries:
1st: Coilin Faherty 68  
2nd: Sean Lavelle 67 (Junior)
3rd: Ronan Gaughan 69 (B.9)  
F.9: Danny Malone 29.5
B.9: Frank Healy 33.5  
CSS: 71

17th March 2016
Bee Green Cleaners:
1st: Noel McLoughlin 41pts  
2nd: Gerry Lavelle 34pts (B.9)
3rd: Donal Shine 34pts  
F.9: Hughie Carey 18pts (L.6)
B.9: Coilin Faherty 20pts  
CSS: 35pts

13th March 2016
PJ Carey,Bangor:
1st: Kevin Donnelly 66  
2nd: John Geraghty 69
3rd: John Hanley 70  
F.9: Jim Brown 31.5
B.9: Ray Whelan 34.5  
CSS: 71

6th March 2016
Mayo Beverages:
1st: John Lennon  37pts  
2nd: Kevin Donnelly 36pts
3rd: John Hanley 35pts  
F.9: Des Parsons 18pts
B.9: Vincent Keane 23pts  
CSS: 34pts

28th February 2016
Captains Drive in. Sponsored by An Builin Bhlasta:
1st: Damien Murphy,Sean Gaughan,Noel Reilly & Jim Power 57.3
2nd: Kieran Hennessy,Marie Cuffe,Kevin Carey & Sean Lavelle 58.9
3rd: Peter Mulry,Gerry Maguire,Kevin Padden & David Hurst 59.2

Lar Ionad Ghaeilge,Eachleim,4BBB
1st:  John Gallagher + David Hurst  48pts
2nd: Hughie Carey + PJ Carey  45pts

Winter League 2015/16
Winners:  Pat McIntyre + Gerry Lavelle
Runners Up: Donal Shine + Sean Gaughan
Beaten Semi-Finalists: David Gaughan + Frank Healy, Peter Mulry + Ronan Gaughan

14th February 2016
Halla Naoimh Bhreandain:
1st: Ronan Gaughan  38pts  
2nd: Sean McAndrew 37pts (L.6)
3rd: Ed McAndrew 37pts (B.9)
F.9: Paddy Mangan 22pts
B.9: Frank Healy 20pts  
CSS: 39pts

7th February 2016
Mullavelle 18H Stb:
1st: Donal Shevlin 35pts  
2nd: Cormac Murray 32pts  
CSS: 36pts Reduction Only

31st January 2016
Club 18H Singles V Par:
1st: John Gallagher -1 (B.9)  
2nd: John Hanley -1 (B.9)  
CSS: 0 -- Reduction Only

24th January 2016
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Declan Healy 36pts  
2nd: Cormac Murray 35pts  
CSS: 36pts Reduction Only

17th January 2016
Club 18H Stb:
1st: Gerry Lavelle 43pts  
2nd: Declan Healy 39pts  
CSS: 36pts

10th January 2016
Winter League WK6:
1st: John Hanley 46pts (67(-5) Gross)
2nd: John Lennon 40pts (B.9)  
CSS: 39pts
3rd January 2016
Winter League WK5:
1st: James McGuire 45pts  
2nd: John Gallagher 42pts (B.9)  
CSS: 40pts